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Описание компании

Borsanyi&Partners is Hungarian recruitment agency focusing on specialist in the areas of IT, Production, Energy sector, Sales and Marketing.

We are proud to work with a broad portfolio of clients from local Hungarian companies to the largest multinational corporations.

Recruitment agency Borsanyi&Partners offers its recruitment services in the Hungary, Budapest.

The agency offers a comprehensive solution to staffing needs of the employer based on an individual professional approach to both -employers and job seekers.

Borsanyi&Partnes is using wide database of active job seekers in various sectors - automotive industry, energy sector, IT, food processing, shared service centers and other specialized professions with high added value.

We help foreign or local Hungarian companies to recruit local staff already based in the Hungary, or international professionals wanting to work in Hungary.

Our all services are free of charge for job seekers.

For employers please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and our commercial conditions.

Контактная информация

Адрес:Киев, Hungary, Budapest


Контактное лицо:Dr. Borsányi András

Вакансии в Borsányi&Partners

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