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Business & Art College, SISNEDU

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Описание компании

Our internship supposes challenging foreign affairs work, enormous foreign culture environment, attractive benefit and a bright developing future.
Approved by the government of the Education Ministry of China, Southwest International Studies Normal Institute (SISNI) was founded in 1986. It is a three-year post-secondary course and four-year undergraduate course specializing in teaching foreign languages, computer science, information technology, international commerce and trade, hospitality and tourism, translation. The college provides accessible, affordable and high-quality higher education that prepares students to enter job market, allows them to transfer to universities, helps them to study and work abroad, and assists them in achieving their professional and personal goals. SISNI provides a variety of educational opportunities that support its mission of human resource development. Approximately 20 associate degree, diploma and HSK Chinese language programmes . Faculties at SISNI are professionals with many years of experience in their academic fields. Our teaching body is constituted of professors, associate professors, and scholars from abroad. Besides classroom learning, our faculty is committed to developing the knowledge base of the students through hands-on experience so that students learn professional skills most valued in real world. International exchange and cooperation and HSK course of training of Chinese language as foreign studies. In 2007, we will establish branches of the teaching departments of HSK Chinese language in Hongkong, Beijing, Shenyang, Zhengzhou and Chengdu of China, which is convenient for the overseas students to experience cultures of different areas in China and to work with salary. In this way, the students will blend into the local life as soon as possible, get precious experiences and obtain satisfied salary.

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Вакансии в Business & Art College, SISNEDU

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