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Celenia Software

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Описание компании

Celenia is a Microsoft-recommended partner over the world since 1999. Having close relationship with Microsoft Corporation Celenia follows the Celenia Global methodology, which encompasses the Microsoft Sure Step methodology, the Microsoft Framework, and our experience as a mature software delivery partner within the Dynamics marketplace.

Celenia brings Microsoft Dynamics products to the certification standards, incorporating strong application testing and coding best practices and participates in Microsoft events (Microsoft Convergence and Directions) on a regular basis.

Following the latest Microsoft platform changes and product development Celenia implements and applies the latest Microsoft Dynamics features in its projects.

Celenia takes a flexible approach to defining a project model depending on our best practices, and a client’s existing working habits and requirements. Project types include but are not limited to: integration, new-feature development, client support, implementations, upgrades, performance, and so on.

Контактная информация

Контактное лицо:Oksana Pysarska

Вакансии в Celenia Software

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