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    На сайті з 11 листопада 2013

    Опис компанії

    DevIT — it’s a dynamically developing IT company that adheres to the principles of continuous improvement. For more than 9 years we’ve been providing our clients with our best quality services in both Outsource and Software areas.

    We have a lot of successful projects under our belt, realized for clients all over the world. We strive to turn every incredible idea into a high-quality product.

    The DevIT team is composed of qualified specialists and graduates of our own courses as well. We have an active mentoring program, different workshops on a regular basis, meet-ups, and practical courses under the guidance of the company’s best TL and CTO.

    Why DevIT?

    At Outsource we work for the direction such as Web-development, E-commerce solutions, Healthcare, Blogs, Social Networks, Web Applications, Real Estate solutions, and more. To each project, we allocate a separate team of professionals that are involved in its realization.

    The Software department develops its own products (applications) for one of the leading E-commerce platforms — Shopify.

    We’ve been working in this direction for 6 years now. During that time, we’ve launched several products and cooperated directly with the Shopify team and the Australian Facebook department.

    Didn’t find a suitable vacancy, just contact us and we’ll discuss our further cooperation in the direction interesting for you.


    Recruiters Outsource:


    ...32 Oksana

    ...24 Anna

    Recruiter Software:


    ...93 Yana

    You can follow us on social media to learn more about our life:

    Instagram: instagram.com/devit.group

    Facebook: facebook.com/devit.group

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/devit-group

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