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EPAM Systems

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Описание компании

EPAM Systems is the #1 software engineering services provider in Central and Eastern Europe.
EPAM Systems www.epam.com is opening its Development Center in Kharkiv, which becomes the second of EPAM’s planned Ukrainian development facilities and follows the opening of the Kiev center in November 2005. EPAM Systems is the #1 software engineering services provider in Central and Eastern Europe. Founded in 1993, EPAM has 2500 employees in USA, UK, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. EPAM is full committed to growth in Ukraine following its first year operating in the country and this second facility is the first of several which will be located in the regions outside of Kiev. EPAM works with clients to deliver complex enterprise software solutions using the cutting edge technologies, market-leading tools, the most advanced and mature SDLC processes to some of the worlds leading business in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Insurance, Travel and Software Vendors. EPAM’s major clients include technology leaders such as Microsoft, BEA Systems, SAP, Hyperion and SUN, as well as global industry leaders such as British Telecom, Reuters, London Stock Exchange, AeroMexico and Lufthansa. Global industry and technology leaders, insist on maintaining the highest standards of software engineering processes, which EPAM maps to the high expectations and ambitions of our employees. EPAM wants to work with talented software specialists: developers, analysts, architects, project mangers, testers and QA engineers, who share a commitment to achievement and excellence in both personal and professional capacities. We provide our employees with the best software development, modeling, collaboration and software engineering process management tools (EPAM Project Management System www.epam-pmc.com), excellent career path, good compensation, attractive social package and stable working environment. EPAM is a company where you can grow both professionally and personally within Ukraine and in all 8 countries in which EPAM operates! Join the winning team! Apply now!

Контактная информация


8067 538 4694

Контактное лицо:Valeriya Guslyakova

Вакансии в EPAM Systems

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