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Food Empire Holdings Limited

На сайте с 15 ноября 2006
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Описание компании

We are a Singapore company listed on Singapore Stock Exchange. A leading food and beverage company that manufactures and markets instant beverage products, frozen convenience food, confectionery and snack food, our products are exported to over 50 countries in markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Centra Asia. China, Indochina and the US. We have 12 offices (representative and liaison) in 11 countries in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Bahrain, Mongolia and Vietnam. We have won numerous accolades and awards including the Silver Award and the Best Entry for Ukraine TVC, One of \\\"The Most Valuable Singapore Brands\\\" for three consecutive years in Singapore for 2003, 2004 and 2005 andour flagship product, one of our brands \\\"MacCoffee\\\" was recognised by the \\\"Choice of the Year Award\\\" in Ukraine.

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Вакансии в Food Empire Holdings Limited

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