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Описание компании

Maxymiser is the leading global provider of Conversion Management solutions, including A/B testing, multivariate testing, web and mobile personalization, and multichannel marketing. With offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Edinburgh, and Dusseldorf, and a global network of partners, its solutions enable brands such as Hertz, Hewlett-Packard, SONY, and Time Warner Cable to increase conversion rates across all marketing channels. Maxymiser empowers marketers to make smarter, objective decisions, and deliver engaging customer experiences that improve the bottom line. Founded in 2006, Maxymiser is a rapidly expanding, private company whose best-in-class technology is recognized by leading industry analysts.
Maxymiser launched in 2006, becoming the first vendor to offer A/B and multivariate testing solutions to many of Europe’s leading online brands. As such, we’ve been the catalyst for substantial change in how companies develop customer experiences based on objective, data-driven decisions and continual website optimization. Before we arrived, many brands were making online content changes based on gut feeling or guesswork. This inevitably led to high levels of risk—both for the budget and the brand. Marketers were flying blind and major decisions were often thrashed out in team meetings, based on an array of subjective viewpoints. And while they had great insights on where site visitors were flocking to or straying from, via their web analytics data, they had zero means of putting this information to use in a constructive way. Maxymiser quickly discovered that it’s nearly impossible to truly know what content combinations cause visitors to convert—the true data is revealed by means of A/B and multivariate testing.

Контактная информация

Адрес:Днепр, ул. Баррикадная, 1а


Контактное лицо:Leshchenko Vera

Вакансии в Maxymiser

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