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MedCare Provider

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Описание компании

About Company Our independence and broad based business experience, coupled with our knowledge of the corporate healthcare sector , allows us to deliver effective recruitment solutions. MedCare Provider is a leading provider of international solutions to staff shortage problems in the healthcare industry. MedCare Provider offers employers innovative long term solutions to staffing shortages, while assisting healthcare professionals from around the world advance their careers. We have a very strict criteria along with health checks and qualification reviews. We recruit and train nurses and doctors on our own campuses. We recruit exceptional healthcare professionals from the EU Member States to work in Western Europe and North America Our specialized approach allows us to deliver superior recruitment to our clients. Whether you're a client or a candidate, our experienced and
Medcare Provider Concept MedCare Provider does not wait for employers to come to our web site to search for suitable candidates; we contact the potential employers before their need arise to fill-in the vacant jobs. MedCare Provider gives all the essential services to insure employers get the right candidates for the vacant jobs - for example: MedCare Provider searches for the suitable applicants and forward the resume to the employer thus saving a lot of valuable time for the employer. MedCare Provider can help to enhance the country s language knowledge of selected candidates by providing pre agreed courses with the client. MedCare Provider provides courses in culture insight of the host country for the selected candidates. All the candidates are selected for our clients by the professional doctors and nurses with minimum 10 years of experience in relevant medical field. MedCare Provider helps to get the relevant visa documents ready. MedCare Provider helps to get authorization to work as a Doctor or a Nurse together with the employer in the selected country. MedCare Provider helps the selected candidates to find a reasonable accommodation and also helps the spouse to find a suitable job. MedCare Provider also assists in finding a school for the children if they are accompanied with the selected candidates. Our local office always ready to assist in kind of small problems which selected candidates might encounter in a new country for example: Bus Pass, Information on Local Healthcare System, Person Registration, Getting Local Driving License, Tax System etc. The above mentioned services assure that the employer save a lot of valuable time which he or she can utilize in other core areas of their fields.

Контактная информация

Адрес: Kareiviu street 192-52, Vilnius


Контактное лицо:Gintare Trinkunaite

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