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ООО "Никерсон-Цваан Украина"

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Описание компании

The Nickerson-Zwaan Group, with its head office in Made (in the south of The Netherlands), is an international organisation dedicated to developing improved varieties of vegetable crops and to producing, processing, marketing and selling a broad range of vegetable seeds for the professional market. We want to be a first choice supplier in our core markets and segments through leading and innovating products and excellent service to customers. Nickerson-Zwaan's products and services are the basis for the business activities of professional growers and plant raisers all over the world. Nickerson-Zwaan is established in 15 countries via subsidiaries, and in many other countries across the world through a network of exclusive distributors and dealers (see Worldmap in the left menu). In planning and carrying out our development activities we listen very closely to sounds from the market and to our customers' wishes, with whom we maintain ongoing and close contacts. Nickerson-Zwaan is part of Limagrain, an international agricultural co-operative group, specialised in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Founded and managed by farmers, Limagrain is Europe’s largest seed company and the 4th largest seed company in the world.

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