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Presidency Cruise U.K

На сайте с 13 ноября 2013
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Описание компании

Presidency Cruise United Kingdom

28 Owo St, London W1T 2PG, United Kingdom

This is to inform the public, that recruiting for new crew members is in progress. We seek the following position: Kindergarten Teacher, ESL Teachers, Deckhand, chef, bar-tender, chef, cook, waiter/waitress, stewart, crew nurse, casino dice dealer, casino receptionist, accountant/purser, deck security officer, janitor, baby sitter, OOW, AYI, 3rd Engineers/Mates, Electrician, Senior Restaurant manager, interior designers, photographers, barbers, hair stylist, plumber e.t.c

Presidency Cruise is about to launch operation this year and it is a private cruise company belonging to the Queen of England. This cruise ship will be only for the elite, world leaders, presidents and royal families. It is imperative that we screen applicants before employment. All applicants will undergo one week intense training on arrival. We shall take care of your feeding, accommodation and flight ticket to the port of departure in London.

Job Salary varies from £2,000GBP - £10,500GBP monthly. If you are interested to work with us in any position, please kindly send your resume/CV to our HR Manager, Mr. Joseph Paul via email (presidencycruise(at)outlook.com) immediately.



Yacht/Ship Workers Wanted

Send your CV to presidencycruise@outlook.com

Контактная информация

Контактное лицо:Mr. Joseph Paul

Вакансии в Presidency Cruise U.K

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