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SoftServe Inc.

На сайте с 15 ноября 2006
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Описание компании

SoftServe is the leading software development company in Eastern Europe with development facilities in Lviv, Ukraine and sales offices in Massachusetts and California, USA. The company provides software vendors with Application Development, Product Testing and Maintenance services. Since 1993, SoftServe has been partnering with over hundred companies worldwide on a wide range of products and technologies. SoftServe\\\'s state of the art infrastructure, certified processes and unrivalled talent ensure the promise of excellence in even the most complex projects. SoftServe is ISO 9001/2000 certified and has CMMI Level 4 assessment scheduled for the first quarter of 2006. In addition, SoftServe is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and has architected and developed a revolutionary application that was recently showcased in San Francisco at the introduction of Microsoft Corporations\\\' Windows Live® and Office Live® by Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie on November 1, 2005. At SoftServe, we select the best of the best – the type of people with intelligence, integrity, passion and the ambition to make a difference and to deliver exceptional results. We are currently looking for talented software engineers who have records of professional success in their recent experiences and who are ready to become an integral part of SoftServe’s most valuable asset – its people. Join our winning team, and you will receive: • Opportunity to work in a company-leader with a group of top-notch professionals; • Comprehensive benefits package; • Outstanding training, promotion and development opportunities; • Active learning environment and free English language classes; • Professional training at SoftServe University; • High-energy and positive-attitude working environment; • Comfortable working conditions and internal services for SoftServe employees; • Corporate newspaper, sports gym, kitchen, recreational activities, and corporate parties; • Chance to work with exceptional people, have fun and develop best-in-class technology skills. Today, SoftServe is a stable, fast-pace, steady-growth and results-driven software development company with a solid track record of software solution delivery success, and highly referenceable client base. SoftServe prides itself with 650+ high-skilled software engineers, 700+ projects completed worldwide, wealth of experience in major technologies, high-quality development services, and compliance with the best standards of quality. Our major clients include technology leaders such as RE3W, SHAKER, Alvion, On Center, as well as global industry leaders such as General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, and others.

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Контактное лицо:Lesya Bobyk

Вакансии в SoftServe Inc.

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