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    UCP Wheels for Humanity

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    На сайті з 23 квітня 2019

    Опис компанії

    Founded in 1996, UCP Wheels for Humanity (UCPW) increases access to mobility and improves quality of life for children and adults with physical disabilities in less-resourced countries. UCP Wheels makes strategic investments in communities by leveraging existing capacities and empowering local stakeholders. Based on the needs of each region in which we work, we offer one or more of our direct-service or capacity-building programs. These include the provision of appropriately fitted wheelchairs and empowerment programs, as well as advocacy and training initiatives. UCP Wheels leads mobility, therapy, and empowerment programs globally and acts as an advocate and capacity-building partner to local organizations, creating sustainable, community-based systems that support long-term change. For more information, visit www.ucpwheels.org.

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