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Описание компании

V&A is an IT recruiting company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 1993.  We search, screen and recruit U.S.-based IT professionals for contract and permanent positions of junior, senior and executive level for over a hundred of private corporations as well as government organizations across the United States.

V&A has had a team of Online Researchers / Sourcers, Recruiters and Administrative Support in Ukraine since 2005 and in the Philippines since 2012, working remotely from their home offices in cooperation with our U.S.-based Sales Team. We are currently a team of 50+ located throughout different regions in Ukraine, the Philippines and the USA and are looking to expand even further.

Контактная информация


+38 (067) 569-05-30

Контактное лицо:Olga Vilk

Вакансии в V&A

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