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Value World Tours

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Описание компании

VALUE WORLD TOURS was founded in July of 1992 in Los Angeles, California. The formation of VALUE WORLD TOURS came as a result of the enforced closure of YUGOTOURS, a well known tour wholesaler who had been active in the US since 1971. Yugotours and over 250 other companies nationwide who were owned and/or had vested interests in Yugoslavia, were shut down by executive order of then President George Bush in compliance with the world wide embargo enacted against Yugoslavia by the United Nations. After the “freeze” was put on Yugotours, several of the executives and former employees of Yugotours, formed VALUE WORLD TOURS , an independent American company with no ties to either Yugotours or Yugoslavia. However, with the approval of the State Department and Yugotours, VALUE WORLD TOURS was allowed to take over and handle all bookings under deposit with Yugotours for the remainder of 1992. VALUE WORLD TOURS retained all relevant mailing and contact lists and, more importantly, all existing contracts with overseas suppliers, hotels and airlines, As a result the “ new “ company handled over 1,000 satisfied customers in the first year after its conception. In 1993 we offered our first ever chartered sailing along the Volga between Moscow and St. Petersburg. After 15 years and close to 20,000 satisfied customers, we have expanded our river cruise products to now include; China’s YANGTZE, Europe’s DANUBE, Russia’s VOLGA, Thailand’s KWAI, Ukraine’s DNIEPER, and Vietnam’s MEKONG waterways – and in the process have become one of America’s Premier River Cruise Specialists!

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