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ASP.NET junior developer

 22 января 2017   Львов  
ФИО: Якимів Наталія
Возраст: 26 лет
Режим работы: полный рабочий день
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Experience Employment Agency Project Description: Developing web-site for searching a job, where employers can automatically find candidates that match their needs. Customer: SoftServe IT Academy Involvement Duration: 3 months Project Role: Developer Responsibilities: Developing candidate’s offers view that enables him to do various operations on offers such as: tracking state of an offer, accepting or declining an offer, changing state of already accepted or declined offer. Also the candidate himself can make an offer to a vacancy he likes, not just view offers which are sent by the employer. Project Team Size: 7 team members Tools & Technologies: Visual Studio 12, StyleCop, ASP.NET MVC4, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework Medical inventory project Project Description: Customer: Developing Web form structure for the network medical institutions SoftServe Involvement Duration: 6 months Project Role: Developer Responsibilities: It is a large two layer system which stores all information about client from registering for appointment to recording diagnoses and preparing invoices. I have investigated library subsystem, responsible for storing and editing lists of diagnoses, procedures, staff members, etc.; updated one of the libraries according to new law requirements. Also I investigated invoicing functionality, it's dependencies, basic logic, medical records system, storing information about client related to medical case. I created form for new type of records in this system. Main focus of my participation in this project was to learn how to quickly investigate and navigate trough large amounts of code in existing project, finding similar  usages of required custom controls, black box and white box investigation of existing functionality. I was also learning how dependencies between layers were made, how they are separated, and how changes in database layer get's into UI. I was also learning full cycle of userstory development, from investigating and clarifying requirements, to the coding, testing changes (fixing issues found by QA Engineer) and presenting result. Project Team Size: 10 team members Tools & Technologies: Visual Studio 12, C#, Ensemble Cache, Crystal Reports, Teleric

Дополнительная информация

Увлечения, интересы, умения: Programming Languages/ Technologies  C#/ASP.NET/Windows Forms  UML/Design Patterns  C++  JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Ajax  XML RDBMS  MS SQL Server Management studio 2012 Methodologies  SCRUM Frameworks  ASP.NET MVC4  ASP.NET Web API  Entity Framework  moq Application/Web Servers  IIS Development Tools  Visual Studio 12/.NET/.NET 4.5 + StyleCop  MSDN Operating Systems  Microsoft Windows XP/7/8.1

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