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    Резюме Data Entry Operator
    Rakov Daniil

    Data Entry Operator

     25 травня   Місто: Запоріжжя
      Готовий до відряджень: Київ, Одеса, Харків
    Вік: 15 років
    Режим роботи: повний робочий день, віддалена робота, плаваючий графік роботи
    Рубрики: IT, WEB фахівці; Офісний персонал; Робота для студентів
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    Досвід роботи

    Virtual assistant / SEO Junior
    Freelance (Writing of case studies, personal statements, research papers), Інші країни
    12.2019 − 04.2020 (4 місяці)

    My task was to negotiate with primarily American companies. I had to find potential partners and offer them a number of services in exchange for a backlink to my company's website. Also, I added the companies' contacts I've found to a special database


    Zaporizhzhia Specialized School №40 (Запоріжжя)
    Foreign languages
    середньо-спеціальна, 09.2010 − 09.2020 (10 років )

    Додаткова освіта

     French tutor (present)
     Yoast SEO Training (2020)
     Udemy General Translation Course (2019)
     Udemy Data Entry Course (2019)

    Знання мов:

    Англійська - Вище середнього, Французька - Нижче середнього, Російська - Професійний (експерт), Українська - Професійний (експерт)

    Додаткова інформація

    Знання комп'ютера, програм:  A proficient Excel user. I know numerous formulas and use them to quickly fill needed data in the sheets and make it look more structured. I am knowledgeable in: 1) Google Suite 2) Microsoft Office 3) LibreOffice Also, I am an experienced user of optical character recognition programs. I am excellent in the Internet Research. It's easy for me to find virtually any data in a timely manner. Contact information, research papers, you name it. In addition to finding data, I can also nicely combine and analyze it for you. The full list of software and tools I use: Excel — 5 years of experience Optical character recognition programs FreeOCR — 2 years of experience Tesseract — 1 year of experience Web-scaping: Outwit Hub — 1 year of experience Web Scraper — 1 year of experience Octoparse — 1 year of experience Databases: dBase Database — 1 year of experience Oracle Database — 1 year of experience
    Особисті якості, хобі, захоплення, навички:  Greetings! I am a committed and responsible person, capable, and eager to learn. I always complete my tasks on time. If you need a quality job done in a blink of an eye, address me! My main hobby is self-education. I am now studying Oracle database so as to offer you more services. I also love to read, both nonfiction and fiction literature.
    Мета пошуку роботи, побажання до місця роботи:  A job for me means knowledge, experience, and bonds. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and having interesting experience learning new skills, while also deepening my current areas of expertise. I am all ears to hear your proposals!

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