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    Head of sales department

    30 000 грн.
      9 лютого 2021  Місто: Київ
    Вік:35 років
    Режим роботи:повний робочий день
    Рубрики: IT, WEB фахівці; Виробництво; Керівництво
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    Досвід роботи


    середня,  −

    Додаткова інформація

    Особисті якості, хобі, захоплення, навички: 

    Yakimenko Alexander

    Date of birth: 26th May, 1987

    Nationality: Ukrainian

    Current City: Kiev

    Age: 30 years old

    Contact phone: +38063-154-24-25

    E-mail: yakymenko1987@rambler.ru

    Objective: to obtain a position of Head of Sales Department in a stable company

    Education: Higher

    Educational institution, specialty:

    National University of Food Technologies, department Automation of Process Control Systems

    2004-2008 National University of Food Technologies, Faculty of Automation and Computer Systems, department in Automation of Process Control Systems, Kiev (bachelor).

    2008-2009 National University of Food Technologies, Faculty of Automation and Computer Systems, department in Automation of Process Control Systems, Kiev (specialist).

    2007-2009 VITY NTUU "KPI", (military department in the specialty of anti-aircraft missile system "OSA" junior lieutenant).


    09.2004-06.2008 working in sales (promoter, consultant, sales representative) selling products, consulting, increasing sales;

    07.2008-09.2008 dairy plant LLC "Galakton" fitter of instrumentation and automation of the 6th category work connected with maintenance of electrical equipment, measuring devices of technological parameters in working order.

    10.2009-03.2010 company LLC "Photonika", sales manager of instrumentation and automation, a selection of control and measuring equipment and automatics, sale and promotion of goods, maintaining contacts with the existing customer base, searching for new customers;

    07.2010-12-2011 company LLC “Tehinservis” engineering company, ACS TP engineer, development of sugar production projects, installation supervision, commissioning, training, turnkey delivery of the facility;

    01.2012-09.2012 company LLC "Lend Lord" engineer of the ACS of the intelligent house maintenance of the air conditioning and ventilation systems, working capacity of the control and measuring devices, water treatment of the pool, water treatment of the font, central pump room, pumping station, sewage treatment plant, boiler room, diesel generator sets, work with the program "JonsonControl "," KNX ". Work with contractors, foreign clients to maintain a smart home;

    01.2013-09.2013 LLC “Teknopak” manager for the supply of industrial equipment for dairy, juice, wine, chemical plants. Implementing the client base, processing received inquiries, preparing commercial offers, supporting contacts with the existing customer base, finding new customers, negotiating and communicating with foreign suppliers, meetings and negotiations with potential buyers, analysis of the market and competitors;

    10.2013 - now LLC "SSI Shaefer", Head of sales department (sale, production and delivery of equipment (from simple to high-tech and high-performance), provision and implementation of projects in the field of intra-warehouse logistics, supplies, consultations, planning, analytics, service ).

    Subordination: 8 employees

    Main tasks and responsibilities:

    - Sales / purchases / deliveries of equipment (from small units to large automated and robotic lines) for FMCG markets (pharm, food, beverages, ..), B2C, B2B, for broad areas of business and industry, storage, packing, transportation.

    - Presentations, proposals, meetings, contracts / contracts (import-export), procurement, delivery, customs approval, performance / delivery of equipment and installation works

    - Knowledge and experience of organization management, strategic planning

    - Professional negotiation skills and management of contractual contracts, agreement of agreements, approval, signing

    - Project management / project management: planning, control and organization of work, procurement, subcontractors, deliveries, launches, transfers, small and complex projects

    - Marketing: market research, knowledge and work with potential clients, maintaining contacts, conducting meetings, studying and identifying the demand for equipment, organizing and holding conferences, exhibitions, reference visits

    - Consultations: analysis of problems and tasks of the customer, planning / development of concepts and solutions, costing

    - Business trips and markets: Ukraine, Belarus, EU, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Mongolia

    Realization of large warehouse projects in Ukraine with automatic equipment from 2013: projects (Venta LTD, Gamma 55, MTI and others);

    Special skills:

    1.Abode Photoshop, Corel Draw, 1C, CRM (salesforce.com), Abode Audition, Macromedia Flash, BPWin, AuthoCad, Internet, MathCAD, MATLAB, Compas-3D V8, programming languages (Micro, Turbo Pascal, Remicont, Lomicont, Structured Text, Ladder Diagram, Grafset), Microsoft Office user (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Scada programs: Vijeo Look, IFix, Trace Mode, controllers software (Schneider Electric, Siemens, Vipa, Mitsubishi Electric);

    2. Driver's license category "B" (issued on September 15, 2005), accident-free driving experience of 12 years;

    3. English (excellent) there is a certificate of completion of Kyiv State Interlingua Language School (10.09.2001-13.07.2003);

    4. There is a foreign passport;

    Personal qualities:

    Communicative, responsible, willing and able to learn quickly, teamwork skills, readiness to travel, ability to persuade, sell, ability to identify and prioritize, work out questions for establishing the quality of operations and procedures, dedication for results, planning, maximum use of working time, high level of responsibility, ability to work in multitasking mode;


    Football, cars, table tennis, martial arts.


    There is a letter of recommendation (available upon request);

    Мета пошуку роботи, побажання до місця роботи: to obtain a position of Head of Sales Department in a stable company

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