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    Professional resumeПрофесійне резюме, в якому вказані: ел.пошта, телефон, зарплатня, досвід роботи, освіта та інша важлива інформаціяIT Sales manager

    35 000 грн.
     17 лютого  Місто: Київ
    Вік:34 роки
    Режим роботи:повний робочий день
    Рубрики: IT, WEB фахівці; Торгівля, продажі, закупівлі
    Готова до відряджень

    Досвід роботи

    Deputy Business Development Director, Head of a sales department
    Smartas LLC. (Smartas LLC.), Київ
    03.2019 − 09.2021 (2 роки 6 місяців)

    Activity of the company:

    1. Production of LED products with own trade mark at the facilities of Chinese factories

    2. Provision of ready-made technical decisions on lighting to customers including the installation of lighting on "turn-key" basis

    3. Wholesale sales of led fixtures to B2B and B2G customers in Ukraine.

    Essential functions and responsibilities:

    - Research of lighting market (collecting data, such as competition pricing, product range, technology), analysis of the data received

    - Determing of the Smartas brand product portfolio

    - Developing company strategy and launch of the project

    - Cooperation with Chinese producers/suppliers of led lighting products (choice of the partner, place an order for production)

    - Organization of product production (remotely), timing of production control, packaging, logistics

    - Establishing price policy for different segments of the consumer market, and adjusting margin taking into account the costs, competition and market conditions

    - Development of company's catalogue and price list

    - Planning, organization and controlling the implementation marketing programs (company's web-site, landing pages, contextual advertising Google Ads, internet trade platforms)

    - Working with Designers, Contractors and Value-Added Partners to build the SMARTAS brand and generate clients

    - Research of target audiences and client preferences of led lighting products to determine focus of sales efforts

    - Building of Sales department from scratch, team management (recruiting, training, coordination, motivation and monitoring the fulfillment of targets by employees)

    - Regular meetings with sales managers to discuss the working moments

    - Control of maintaining CRM records in Bitrix by sales managers

    - Segmentation of existing clients, developing strategy to expand the customer base (constant quest for new sales channels)

    - Definition of short and long-term sales goals, establishing sales plan about existing and new customers to sales managers

    - Reviewing and analysis of weekly/monthly sales reports

    - Maintaining product mix and selling price by keeping current with market supply and demand, economic indicators and competitors

    - Constant monitoring to stay up-to-date with new products in the lighting market

    - Communication with company's key clients to get feedback and find the best led lighting solutions

    - Providing regular sales forecast and expected profit for the management and preparing monthly budget for approval

    - Maintenance of documentation and reporting

    Avanti Trans LLC. (Sale of logistics services), Київ
    03.2018 − 03.2019 (1 рік )

    - Organization of the work of company, creation and implementation of company strategy

    - Developing business by gaining contracts for freight freight-forwarding services

    - Seeking out and developing relationships with clients in need of the company’s freight freight-forwarding services

    via cold calls, mailings, various exhibitions, business meeting

    - Maintaining interactions and communications with clients and prospects

    - Establishing and liaising with transportation carriers/transportation providers; meeting financial obligations to them

    - Building client base and base of carriers of the company

    - Negotiation of rates and contracts with customers and carriers

    - Monitoring market freight rates to determine a price for paying to carriers and charge clients

    - Taking ownership of the client logistics issues and follow-through till resolution

    - Documentation

    Logistics sales executive
    LTEK Trans LLC. (Sale of logistics services), Київ
    06.2017 − 01.2018 (7 місяців)

    - Sale of freight forwarding services to clients and providing them with excellent service

    - Outbound and inbound sales: processing of incoming and outgoing requests

    - Developing and maintaining strong relationships with with existing clients and active search for new clients

    outreach emails, phone calls)

    - Negotiating and agreeing contracts and rates with clients and carriers

    - Resolving logistics client's issues, providing the optimal transport modes options

    - To be as the link between clients, carriers, shippers, and receivers

    - Оverseeing the entire process of delivery, delivery times, solving issues in transit

    Sales manager B2B
    TD Goldy (Wholesale of children's clothing), Київ
    03.2013 − 04.2017 (4 роки 1 місяць)

    - Wholesale of children's clothing throughout the territory of Ukraine

    - Buildng long-term relations with B2B clients on trust and respect

    - Work with current client base (baby stores) and active search for new clients on children's clothing exhibitions, on

    business trips and also via cold calls)

    - Inbound and outbound sales (consultations by phone, processing of incoming/outgoing orders)

    - Sales planning and regular execution of a sales plan

    - Active participation of the improve the product from a sales point of view and client needs

    - Active participation in procurement process of children's clothing

    - Control over customer accounts receivable

    Best Real Estate (Sale and rental of commercial real estate), Київ
    08.2011 − 02.2013 (1 рік 6 місяців)

    - Daily monitoring and analysis of real estate market

    - Searching of relevant properties and its valuation with a view to their further resale

    - Creating, distributing and daily updating advertising in the Internet about properties on sale

    - Processing of incoming and outgoing calls, emails

    - Showings of properties to potential buyers

    - Assistance in processing of sales transaction

    Shop Seller
    Drapery "Textile-Lux" (Retail), Київ
    07.2009 − 11.2010 (1 рік 4 місяці)

    - Achieving/exceeding sales goals as outlined by the management

    - Ensuring high quality retailing standards

    - Utilizing add -on selling, cross -selling to meet the client’s needs and maximize sales

    - Informing the client of in-store specials and promotions in order to drive sales

    - Keeping records of goods, periodic inventories of the goods as required

    Sales manager B2B
    DP "House of Spices" (Wholesale of spices for sausages), Київ
    01.2009 − 07.2011 (2 роки 5 місяців)

    - Sales of spices for sausage products for Enterprise clients

    - Building profitable working relationships with partners.

    - Work with current client base and active search for new clients via phone (cold calls)

    - Thematic exhibitions visiting with a view to increasing the client base

    - Preparation of individual commercial terms for potential clients

    - Сontrol over customer accounts receivable


    Poltava University of Economics and trade (Полтава)
    Technological Department. Specialization: Technology of storage, canning and meat processing.
    повна вища, 09.2004 − 06.2009 (4 роки 9 місяців)

    Знання мов:

    Англійська - Середній, Італійська - Нижче середнього, Українська - Високий рівень (вільно), Російська - Високий рівень (вільно)

    Додаткова інформація

    Знання комп'ютера, програм: Confident PC user: Google Services, Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook Express, 1C
    Особисті якості, хобі, захоплення, навички: ABOUT ME • I have a growth mentality. I seek out opportunities and challenges to broaden my experience • I have an active life position, I am passionate for making money and I am driven by the force of optimism • I'm self-motivated person. I like to accomplish goals. If I don't know something, I'll be sure to learn it. I'll learn it as I go. I'll try my best. • I am enterprising. I'm getting creative and I maneuver well in difficult situations. • I have an aptitude for easy-learning. Invest some material resources in my training, head me in the right direction, and I'll be a good expert in the field. • I'm a real go-getter and I have a lot of will power • I’m responsible, kind and open mind person, sociable, active, cheerful and positive • Because of my benevolence and friendliness people are responding to me and trust. It affects my success sales in this particular case MY SKILLS My skillset includes but is not limited to: • Negotiation skills, active sales (b2b-segment) • Ability to achieve and exceed sales goals. I do my best to meet the client’s needs and maximize sales • Good business correspondence and business communication skills to engage potential clients • Ability to create a great first impression on prospects • Excellent people skills. Ability to find a way with people. Ability to relate to people on a personal or professional level and build trusting relationships with them • 7+ years of experience in a B2B Sales role. Awareness of sales methodologies. Understanding of B2B sales cycle. I possess sales process skills, starting from hunting and сold calling prospects, negotiation, building relationships with decision makers, close the deal (signing the contract) and post-sales support as well I have no experience in IT sales so far, but I have understanding of basic IT Terminology • I have good organizational skills • I have a high sense of personal responsibility for my work. I’m self-organized person, I сan to work in an office and remotely, I can easily complete tasks without oversight. I’m self-directed and I don't need to be monitored and pushed. I effectively manage my time • I have Intermediate level of English. My dream boat is to have fluent English (Advanced), communicate and collaborate directly with clients from different parts of the world. Having the opportunity to attend English classes (courses) covered by company, I will be over the moon • I am committed to continuous learning and improvement, that's why availability of learning environment is very important for me, where I could dive deep into the latest technologies in order to emerge as a high-class specialist in selling the IT products and solutions for business. I believe, by investing in people, company is investing in itself • I'm skilled in multitasking • I have an experience working with CRM Bitrix PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS High energy, hard-working, assertiveness, sociability, high level of proactivity, drive for results, entrepreneurial spirit, decency, honesty, trust, openness, kindness, confidence, sense of humor INTERESTS: Sports (volleyball, badminton), books, beadwork, volunteering
    Мета пошуку роботи, побажання до місця роботи:  I want to obtain: 1. A position “IT Sales Manager” to jumpstart my career in IT 2. An experience in B2B sales in the English-speaking markets

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