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Regional Develop Manager

12 000 грн.
  1 февраля

Информация о соискателе

Имя: Philipczuk Eugene
Возраст: 42 года
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Условия работы

Цель: OBJECTIVE: My goal is the search for work in Rivne, Ukraine on the position of Regional Develop Manager. NOTE: The big request, all of your job offer for me, as well as all business proposals for me, please send me on my email.
Основные навыки:


I am fluent in English, Polish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

I have basic knowledge as well as read and speak in Italian, German, Slovak.

Skills to represent, to coordinate and to control development foreign and international marketing/management projects, distribution and representations in own region.

Strong ability and good skills to manage the risks.

Manage, negotiation and planning skills.

Leadership skills. Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Strong analyse skills, analytical mind.

Ability and skill to accurately assess the situation to make accurate conclusions, to make effective decisions, to decide strategic, organizational questions / tasks.

Skills treating, teaching, listening, and counseling. Ability to fast learning.

Good knowledge of Trade Marketing.

I am able manage my own time and the time of other people.

Confident user of PC, Windows, MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, Internet Explorer.

I have strong intuition, a high level of self-organization, self-discipline, self-criticism, self-learning and self-analysis.

I have driver license “BC“.

Опыт работы

Должность: Executive Director
Период: 1 Июнь 2016 − 4 Октябрь 2016 гг. ( 4 месяца)
Компания: Business Center
Обязанности: Activity: Business services: Recruitment employees; Marketing services; Information services; Translations; Tutoring; Consultation. Responsibilities: -Managing a business center for the service of small and average business and individuals. -Administration of business processes; -Coordination and control work of specialists in the fields; -Recruitment and training of employees; -Ensuring a high quality of services and their effectiveness; -Negotiating with customers, contractors, partners; -The development and improvement of business processes; -Execution all kinds of business center services; -Monitoring and analysis of information; -Strategic planning of business processes. -Translations from Czech, Polish, English; -Written translation; -Tutoring from English; -Consultation.


Учебное заведение: National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use
Период обучения: 1 Сентябрь 1998 − 1 Июнь 2004 гг. (5 лет 9 месяцев)
Уровень образования: полное высшее
Специальность: Faculty of Management, speciality of Management and Marketing

Дополнительная информация

Язык: English • Эксперт
Polish • Эксперт
Czech • Эксперт
Russian • Эксперт
Ukrainian • Эксперт
German • Базовый
Italian • Базовый
Skovak • Базовый
Увлечения, интересы, умения: PERSONAL QUALITIES: Reliable, disciplined, hard-working, fair, responsible, honest, conscientious, attentive, neat, punctual, organized, pedantic, communicable, principled, demanding, resolute, observant, forbearing, friendly, consistent, reasonable, thrifty, flexible, high moral principles.

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