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Configuration Manager with AWS Experience


Опыт работы:не требуется
График работы:полный рабочий день

Описание вакансии

Requirements - Mandatory:

Experience working with large systems deployed on the cloud

Knowledge of AWS techniques and technologies (ASGs, VPCs, access control, security management).

Experience implementing CI/CD.

Knowledge of Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, Nginx.

Knowledge of Linux.

Good spoken English.

Requirements - Additional:

AWS sertificates.

Project Description:

DataArt helps develop a platform for communication between service providers (all kinds of retail companies, banks, and other companies that operate on the trade and services market) and consumers of these services (clients of those companies). The application is implemented as a messaging service with many extra features.

The application can operate as: a messaging center, delivering text messages for clients; а payment terminal (online payment); registries (booking); corporate mass media (newsletters with information about services and promotions). The clients can create their own lists of companies whose services interest them. Companies don't need to create their own mobile and web applications to provide services for their online clients. Furthermore, the clients don't need to have separate apps for several companies installed on their mobile devices.

The platform is designed to work under high loads. To achieve maximum efficiency, we use a combination of various modern technologies, from the popular to the exotic: Python, Erlang, RabbitMQ, STOMP, etc.

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