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    40 000 грн.
      1 березня  Київ 
    Компанія: Front Desk Helpers  (https://jobs.ua/company-front-desk-helpers-1616582) (Всі вакансії)
    Рубрики:Офісний персонал; Керівництво


    Контактна особа:Tetiana Kniaziuk

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    Опис вакансії

    Hello, dear future employee!

    Front Desk Helpers is a company based in the USA. The company was founded in 2015 and provides a wide range of IT, telecommunications, customer support, and other services to our clients.

    At the moment we are looking for a remote Coordinator in a New York home care agency. Our clients are seniors who are in need of assistance from home health aides. Our task is to organize and control the quality of home care services for seniors.

    If you know how to work with people, listen to their needs, coordinate their actions, and have decision-making and planning skills — you will enjoy the position. We have a strong supportive team, and a supervisor who has a reputation as a demanding, yet executive person.

    The skills you should have:

    • Spoken and written all three languages: English, Russian and Spanish languages minimum on Upper-Intermediate level.
    • Computer skills (Gmail, Excel, CRM, work with files in different formats).
    • Your own computer and access to the internet.
    • Ability to multitask and prioritize.
    • Experience in the customer support field is a plus.
    • High level of stress resistance.
    • The position will fit people who like challenges, are willing to learn new soft skills through solving difficult problems, are able to handle a high workload, and would enjoy working with elderly people (including people with mental and physical disorders, and people living in poor conditions). The specialist should be ready for complexities and new or unexpected tasks during the shifts.

    What is the work schedule:

    Mon-Fri 9:00 am — 5:00 pm New York time (UTC-4). Sometimes overtime is possible, which is paid x1.5 of the hourly rate.

    What do we offer:

    • We provide 2 weeks of training for new employees, which is paid 4$ per hour during training and the usual rate is 6$ per hour. The monthly rate is 1000$ on average. We do reevaluate the rate based on employees' work results to increase the salary.
    • Overtime is paid 1.5 times the usual hourly rate.
    • Work in an experienced team, under the supervision of a manager.
    • Ability to work remotely in the afternoon hours.
    • Paid vacation after one year of employment.
    • Bonus system as a way for employees to express appreciation to each other.
    • We provide our employees with IP phones, as the instrument to connect to USA customers as well as all the necessary software (CRM, virtual fax machine, SMS service, VPN).
    • Open-minded management, who are easy to contact.
    • Equal opportunities for people of any age, gender, or nationality.
    • Opportunity to learn such skills as adaptability, conflict resolution, prioritization & time management, work ethic, professional email communication, report preparation etc.

    What would be your responsibilities:

    • Control home health aides on their visits to patients in CRM system.
    • Talk to patients and home attendants over the phone to assist in resolving any questions they have.
    • Communicate with hospitals, adult daycare centers, rehab centers, and patients' relatives.
    • Contact insurance plans for overtime approval, authorization prolongations, and advice in case of various situations.
    • Search for home attendants in our database for replacements in case of sick leaves, days off, vacations, and refusals.
    • Work in CRM system to set up the schedules, visits, new home attendants, and shift changes.
    • Prepare reports and communication notes about any changes in the patient’s schedule or health conditions.

    To apply for the position send your resume in English to our direct email: відправити резюме

    Looking forward to meeting you at the interview!


    Шановні кандидати, звертаємо вашу увагу на платні номери телефонів з кодом 070 (700), 090 (900), а також на прямі короткі мобільні номери. Вартість хвилини розмови з таким номером може становити до 60 грн. Якщо Ви подзвонили за номером телефону вказаному в вакансії, а автовідповідач або людина що відповіла пропонує передзвонити на номер з таким кодом — переконливе прохання, не дзвоніть, щоб не стати жертвою телефонного обману!

    Крім того, просимо вас остерігатися вакансій, де потрібне внесення заставної суми або страхового внеску. Пам'ятайте! Будь-яке вкладення коштів, яке потрібно від здобувача, в 90% випадків є шахрайством!

    У разі виявлення подібної вакансії натисніть, будь ласка, на кнопку «Скарга», яка знаходиться під текстом кожної вакансії.

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