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    Corporate English Tutor

     18 серпня  Київ 
    Компанія: Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd , компания  (https://jobs.ua/company-auslogics-labs-pty-ltd-kompaniya-148056) (Всі вакансії)
    Рубрики:IT, WEB фахівці; Наука, освіта, переклади


    Освіта:повна вища
    Досвід роботи:від двох років
    Графік роботи:віддалена робота

    Опис вакансії

    Talented English Tutor Wanted for Corporate Skype Lessons

    We are in search of a talented, fun and inspiring English tutor to help improve our international team’s English via remote lessons. You will be working at least 4 hours a day, with full time potential (8 hours).

    This is a totally new position, so the responsibilities described below may be subject to discussion with the applicant we choose.

    Your responsibilities:

    • Test our employees’ English to determine their current level;

    • Create a lesson plan for each level;

    • Prepare for and run mid-term tests as needed;

    • Give lessons to groups of 2-6 employees via Skype;

    • Host speaking practice sessions/English speaking club;

    • Help students with language-related questions/issues via individual consultations;

    • In a full-time option, when free from tutoring, help write marketing copy or proof-read materials written by others.


    • At least 3 years of teaching/tutoring experience

    • Excellent English (native or near-native level) and experience living in an English-speaking country

    • Sufficient Russian language knowledge for explaining grammar rules and language basics
    Work conditions:

    • Work remotely Mo-Fr, schedule based on the lesson plan, on Moscow time. 4 to 8 hours a day

    • Good pay in USD with paid overtime

    • Paid vacation

    Interested in this job? Send in a cover letter with a brief story about yourself (at least 200 words): tell us about your teaching experience, copywriting experience (if you had any), experience living abroad or practicing English with native speakers. You must include your full name an email address with your letter.

    We don’t really feel like having you complete a test, but we need to be sure of your excellent English and an awesomely engaging teaching style. It would help if you could share a video of one of your lessons, feedback from your students, any articles/texts written by you published online or offline, etc. This isn’t mandatory, but would be an advantage.

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