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Ecommerce Assistant (MMO games)

12 000 грн.
 31 октября 2017  Киев 


Опыт работы:не требуется
График работы:удаленная работа

Описание вакансии

ItemForge is looking for a virtual ecommerce assistant with gaming experience and conversational English knowledge for remote work in MMO Shop (2-4$ / hour- about 300-600$ / month). Higher salary and more challenging tasks are available for people with excellent English, expert gaming knowledge and attention to detail. We are a micro company from Poland, which sells virtual goods and services for online games since 2012. Currently, our flag games are Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft.

This job will involve:

- Taking + cropping screenshots and simple ctrl+v edits of product descriptions

- Delivery + trading

- (optional) Services like power leveling or boosting + researching and testing new ones

- (optional) Making gameplay videos (dubbing is not required)

This position will require good enough PC to handle the newest games (sometimes multiple clients opened at the same time) and patience for menial tasks.

Your tasks will involve mainly D2 + D3 (and soon WoW). You need to learn basics about every game that is offered and choose at least 1 game that you will learn well.


- Multitasking and focus

- Ability to read, adapt and learn fast (games change all the time, you need to stay up to date)

- Responsible & reliable

- Minimum 40h a week, flexible hours should be possible if you need it

- Long term (this job is for years - the game may change, but the players remain the same!)

Please, provide answers to the questions below in your offer or attached as CV (failing to provide a clear answer to any of them will most likely cause your application to be auto-declined):

1. Why are you applying for this position? Which responsibility do you find the most/the least appealing and why?

2. Typing speed (words/strokes per minute via 10fastfingers)

3. Experience in online gaming industry and D2 D3 WoW knowledge

4. MMO accomplishments (only list impressive things that take thousands of hours)

5. Weekly and yearly availability (how many hours and days per week you want to work)

6. Preferred trial and long-term hourly price

7. Can you play without ping issues on servers located in Europe and America? (try D3 trial and make some levels on BOTH game modes)

8. Cover letter (sell yourself!)

Higher salary and more challenging tasks are available for people with excellent English, expert gaming knowledge and attention to detail

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