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Game Designer

Компания:Playwing  (https://jobs.ua/company-playwing-139275) (Все вакансии)


Образование:не имеет значения
График работы:полный рабочий день

Описание вакансии

Playwing is looking for an exceptional and talented Game Designer to join our outstanding team.


  • Create world-class design specifications for mobile games.
  • Implement, balance, polish and maintain game features.
  • Create innovative and engaging designs and prototypes.
  • Leadership of game and economy balancing for best in class mobile games.
  • Coordinate the work with art and development teams in order to ensure quality and on time delivery.
  • Staying abreast of industry trends and best practices to ensure Playwing games are of high quality and competitive.


  • Absolute passion for playing and making video games, especially in a car racing genre.
  • Proven ability to write, communicate and maintain detailed design documentation throughout the game life cycle.
  • Understanding of the basics of F2P monetization. Insight on the monetization of top grossing mobile games.
  • Extensive knowledge of current game design trends, specifically in a car racing area.
  • Experience analyzing and responding to in game balances and economies after a product is released.
  • Ability to communicate in English.


  • Previous professional game industry experience in programming, art or audio is a plus.
  • Experience working on car racing games is a big plus.
  • Sensitivity to a specific demographic appeal and the ability to innovate within it.
  • Ability to illustrate and prototype ideas visually using Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, etc.
  • Indie game development experience, or making mods for existing games.
  • Experience with game editors such as Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.
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