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    Head of Operations Remote Based

     28 лютого  Київ 
    Компанія: GR4UA  (https://jobs.ua/company-gr4ua-1625928) (Всі вакансії)
    Рубрики:Реклама, маркетинг, PR; HR, управління персоналом; Робота за кордоном


    Контактна особа:John Hazlewood

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    Опис вакансії

    GR4UA is looking to find Head of Operations for our client NaturaReserve, based in Austin, USA.


    NaturaReserve's mission actively provides real-world experiences of the sustainable lifestyle to inspire the growth of wellness and environmentalism across the globe.

    We are a remote team working and collaborating from all over the world. With us, you can work from anywhere under flexible working hours with no daily commute time or costs and lower your carbon footprint.


    What You're Great At:

    You are an organized, methodical and driven professional with a servant leader's heart. Systems are your jam -- creating them, implementing them, refining them. Your attention to detail is unsurpassed and you thrive on your high standards, quality of work, and your ability to serve others. You are an empire protector focused on protecting the time and resources of yourself and the rest of the team. You have high energy and you love interacting with others and contributing to the growth and success of a team.

    What You'll Do:

    • Screen applicants for open positions, conduct initial screening calls, and set recruiting appointments for the CEO.
    • Coordinate weekly Team meetings throughout the organization
    • Coordinate and run the Austin Team weekly meetings
    • Be on daily calls with the CEO and Austin Operations Coordinator following up and responsible to make sure operations are running smoothly.
    • Plan client and community events coordinating with Houseboat-Yacht Team and on the ground lead who will act as a host role during the events to provide a high level of experience for attendees.
    • Build, implement, maintain, and OWN all systems for team recruiting, hiring and management of Austin based and remote team, internal communication, team calendar, company social media presence internally and externally, office management, client care systems, team retention and recognition including events and moments campaigns, onboarding systems for new team members, and referrals.
    • Create and maintain the team’s operations manual that documents all systems and standards.
    • Oversee all the quality and consistency of the transaction process.
    • Keep the team leaders informed regarding any problems or issues that arise and help to develop solutions.
    • Commit to weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and training
    • Partake in basic accounting functions as well as track agent performance.

    Skills and Character Necessary:

    • High energy
    • Empathetic
    • Enthusiasm
    • Growth-oriented and learning-based
    • Notice and take pride in the details
    • Team player
    • Proven ability to lead yourself and others with conviction
    • Self-motivated
    • Owning projects once asked to do them and following up with status updates
    • Positive and direct communication, both written and verbal
    • Ability to problem solve and use critical thinking daily
    • Have a “do whatever it takes” mentality
    • Follow a current process as well as improving them and create new processes
    • Proactive vs. reactive
    • Impeccably organized
    • Knowledge of basic office suite software and calendaring systems
    • Excellent time management skills
    • Concerned about doing things the right way
    • Calm and motivated under pressure
    • Have patience with a high volume, detailed role
    • Use social media for the benefit of the company as an ambassador
    • Flexible

    Required Background:

    • Requires a prior work history that demonstrates strong, successful systems abilities and solid understanding of complexities of a process flow and lean processes.
    • Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.
    • 2+ years experience in an operations role

    Other Details:

    • We are excited to meet the person(s) that truly believe they could be a match!

    Job Type: Full-time or Part-time


    • Career Advancement

    As a growing company, we take pride in working with people who want to grow and develop along with us. There is always room for advancement and potential to capitalize on new opportunities within NaturaReserve.

    • Training and Support

    We provide training and extensive support to make sure you can be as successful as possible as a team member at NaturaReserve.

    • Work with People from All Around the World

    You will be working with a talented international team. Expand your network, meet new people and experience new cultures on a daily basis.


    Шановні кандидати, звертаємо вашу увагу на платні номери телефонів з кодом 070 (700), 090 (900), а також на прямі короткі мобільні номери. Вартість хвилини розмови з таким номером може становити до 60 грн. Якщо Ви подзвонили за номером телефону вказаному в вакансії, а автовідповідач або людина що відповіла пропонує передзвонити на номер з таким кодом — переконливе прохання, не дзвоніть, щоб не стати жертвою телефонного обману!

    Крім того, просимо вас остерігатися вакансій, де потрібне внесення заставної суми або страхового внеску. Пам'ятайте! Будь-яке вкладення коштів, яке потрібно від здобувача, в 90% випадків є шахрайством!

    У разі виявлення подібної вакансії натисніть, будь ласка, на кнопку «Скарга», яка знаходиться під текстом кожної вакансії.

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