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Intermediate Recruiter

 16 марта  Днепр 
Компания: Dev-Pro  (https://jobs.ua/company-dev-pro-70418) (Все вакансии)


Образование:полное высшее
Опыт работы:от двух лет
График работы:полный рабочий день

Описание вакансии

Необходимые навыки

— 2+ years experience in IT recruiting
— Understanding of software development company functioning
— Ability to lead full cycle recruitment process
— Wide network and good understanding of local IT community
— Excellent communication skills
— Ability to work under pressure
— Intermediate English


To help you succeed we have attractive referral programs, use bonus system for recruiters, have established work with recruitment agencies, and invest into multiple conferences and training to build better brand awareness, support IT community and build good relationship with the market. We have a system of supervising which will help you adopt our best practices and experience and at the same time share your opinion and expertise and feel a part of a big, strong and friendly team. We love to see our people grow professionally and plan launching quarterly training for recruitment team, in addition to reimbursement of conferences and training participation by request as we do now.


Ready for a challenge? We are looking for the first Recruiter to join our new Dnipro office. We opened it only in November 2017 and already have 10+ people joined or accepted our offers in the beginning of 2018. Join us and help us continue our successful growth in Dnipro.

You’ll be responsible for the full-cycle recruitment in Dnipro, representing our company at events in your city and building the network of potential candidates. Definitely, the job supposes some reporting and routine staff but the good news is that we have recruiting assistants to make your work comfortable and help you concentrate on what you do and love best: negotiation and building contact. Another important point is that you won’t perform HR functions as those roles are separated in our company.

О проекте

Dev-Pro is a US-based outsource software development company with 6 years’ experience, a team of 300+ professionals, offices in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro and Lviv and long-term partnerships with more than 20 clients from the US and Europe. Dev-Pro successfully works with projects of various size and complexity, from innovative startups to market leaders, due to its established infrastructure and flexible management. One of our clients is a major player in the Point of Sale (POS) domain in the US market. Other projects are in different business domains including: Education, Real Estate, Financial, Travel and Bookings.

We have grown from 200 to 300 people in 2017 and have extended to Dnipro, Lviv and Kyiv (previously we were only located in Kharkiv). We envision ourselves as a 500+ people company in 2018. Having set such an ambitious goal for growth, we are now facing an exciting period of adapting company structure and processes to the new reality. This definitely means restructuring and growth of the recruitment team.

Показать контакты


Уважаемые соискатели, обращаем ваше внимание на платные номера телефонов с кодом 070 (700), 090 (900), а также на прямые короткие мобильные номера. Стоимость минуты разговора с таким номером может составлять до 60 грн. Если Вы позвонили по номеру телефона указанному в вакансии, а автоответчик или ответивший человек предлагает перезвонить на номер с таким кодом — убедительная просьба, не звоните, чтобы не стать жертвой телефонного обмана!

Кроме того, просим вас остерегаться вакансий, где требуется внесение залоговой суммы или страхового взноса. Помните! Любое вложение средств, которое требуется от соискателя, в 90% случаев является мошенничеством!

В случае обнаружения подобной вакансии нажмите, пожалуйста, на кнопку «Жалоба», которая находится под текстом каждой вакансии.

Давайте вместе избавимся от мошенников!

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