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    5. Intern/Entry-Level Position in Startup - Business Operations, part-time, paid, remote
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    Intern/Entry-Level Position in Startup - Business Operations, part-time, paid, remote

    6 600 грн.
     20 серпня  Київ 
    Компанія: Grateex  (https://jobs.ua/company-grateex-1616427) (Всі вакансії)
    Рубрики:IT, WEB фахівці; Наука, освіта, переклади; Робота для студентів


    Освіта:не має значення
    Досвід роботи:не вимагається
    Графік роботи:часткова зайнятість

    Опис вакансії

    Are you interested in startups and want to learn how to build a company from scratch? Come join our team and get first-hand experience in startup business operations as our Intern.

    Our team is building an e-commerce platform for higher education instructors to collaborate and exchange teaching materials. Our goal is to help instructors save their time, improve the quality of their teaching, and get compensated for their teaching expertise.

    We are an early-stage pre-launch startup and we are looking for an intern to support our day-to-day business operations including email campaigns, development and execution of marketing plans, researching potential leads, etc. We are looking for a team member who has a strong interest in working in a startup and has excellent English skills.

    As an intern at Grateex, you will work together with the founders and get first-hand experience in starting and running a startup, as well as solving novel and unique business problems.

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    Email Campaign:

    • Send out cold and personalized emails to potential clients

    • Reply to emails, schedule chats with potentials clients

    • Find leads, gather emails for email campaign

    Website Operations:

    • Verify and approve newly registered users

    • Monitor questions submitted through the website, reply to them

    • Issue payouts to users at the end of month


    • Find resources relevant for our marketing campaign (incl. magazines, bloggers, newspapers, etc.), enquire about their marketing proposition details, costs. Communicate findings to the team

    • Find relevant online events for higher education to promote our business

    • Generate ideas for a blog

    • Post news and blog posts on our social media accounts

    • Get leads on social media (Twitter, Reddit, etc.), engage in relevant discussion on social media

    • Potentially partnership outreach

    • Proactively suggest ideas for a marketing campaign, execute new ideas


    • Many of our tasks and open-ended and require some research on the internet - conduct research on how to better approach certain issues (e.g. social media engagement, landing page structure, find new marketing channels)

    Note that more tasks will be added as the project grows further and/or we launch further projects.

    What makes you a great candidate?

    • Excellent level of English, experience working/living in English-speaking countries is a plus

    • Excellent oral and written communication skills - you can communicate problems and solutions in a clear and concise way

    • Good computer skills (in particular, MS Office)

    • Entrepreneurial spirit, interested in work for a startup

    • Proactive approach to work (some tasks are open-ended, we are looking for a person who would be actively taking part in finding and suggesting solutions)

    • Available for Zoom meetings in the morning (7-9 am Kyiv time) or later in the evening (7 pm - 10 pm Kyiv time) due to some team members being located in the US

    We are primarily looking for current students or recent graduates since this is an entry-level position. While business-focused education is a plus, we do not have requirements for your specialization.

    What we offer?

    • Opportunity to get first-hand experience in starting and running a startup, as well as solving novel and unique business problems

    • Possibility for a full-time position and career growth as you take on more responsibility

    • Remote work and flexible hours

    • Fair pay starting from $250 per month for the part-time position

    Please submit your CV and a short cover letter to: відправити резюме with “[Intern application]” text in the title. The cover letter should be in English, introduce you, and discuss why you want to work at a startup and what you expect from it. If you have any experience that you think may be relevant (or an accomplishment that you are particularly proud of), please share it in the cover letter as well.

    We will respond within 2 weeks and invite you to a 30-40-minute long Zoom interview. Please, note the interview will be in English.

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