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    Junior Financial Analyst (banking sector)

      3 червня  Київ 
    Компанія: Business & Finance Consulting (BFC)  (https://jobs.ua/company-business-finance-consulting-bfc-152309) (Всі вакансії)
    Рубрики:Бухгалтерія, фінанси, облік/аудит; Банківська справа, ломбарди; Консалтинг


    Освіта:не має значення
    Досвід роботи:не вимагається

    Опис вакансії

    Alventis Group, in partnership with Business & Finance Consulting (www.bfconsulting.com), a proactive and dynamic team with an excellent international profile in development finance, is glad to welcome applicants for the Junior Financial Analyst (banking sector) position (remote work).

    Who can apply?

    • Recent graduates with University degree in finance, banking, statistics or another relevant field
    • Junior candidates working in the financial sector
    • Specialists in the banking and audit field

    What are the responsibilities?

    • Collect data and perform research on financial institutions in developing countries
    • Review financial statements of financial institutions
    • Calculate and analyse ratios based on financial statements
    • Assist in measuring credit, market, operational, and liquidity risks
    • Provide comments and recommendations on research findings

    What do you need to perform well in this position?

    • University degree in finance, banking, statistics or another relevant field
    • Ability to meet deadlines and perform in tight schedules
    • Excellent communication, writing, and analytical skills
    • Fluency in English

    Interested applicants are invited to submit a CV to відправити резюме by June 12, 2020. For details on the application process please visit us online at https://bfconsulting.com.

    Applications are assessed as they are received. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your application!

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