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Junior Remote Tech Support Specialist

 17 июля 2017 Днепр 
Компания:Скрытая компания  (https://jobs.ua/company-skryitaya-kompaniya-1555869) ( Все вакансии)


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Описание вакансии

Junior Remote Tech Support Specialist

Industry leader in mobile technology seeks Technical Support Specialist with a great attitude. This person manages short-term upgrade projects for clients' mobile and online banking solutions. In this position, you will work directly with our clients, complete technical tasks, and work with a technical team remotely. This is an entry-level position, and you will work with a small team in charge of upgrade projects, designed to get new features to clients quickly and efficiently. In this position, you will work under a team manager in coordination with other departments at our company, and you will work directly with our clients, rather than with end-users.

This position is full time and US EDT working hours lead by a New York lead.

Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding our banking software and apps in-depth
  • Tracking project statuses, meeting deadlines, and launching new products
  • Training banks and credit unions on mobile and online technology while communicating technical concepts at an appropriate level
  • Configuring mobile banking apps and performing some technical configurations
  • Coordinating integrations with third party financial services
  • Coordinating with software technicians, technical support, and developers as needed
  • Examining technical logs to troubleshoot and resolve issues encountered during implementation
  • Performing basic QA tests after implementing changes
  • Work or volunteer experience handling technical processes and/or the ability to explain such processes to less-technical people

Requirements include:

  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Ability to establish good working relationship with customers
  • Solid troubleshooting ability
  • Ability to learn technical skills quickly
  • In-depth learning and understanding of our mobile and online banking products
  • Coordination with developers to investigate and diagnose issues
  • Documenting the constantly changing requests we receive for new feature development
  • Ability to manage a dynamic work load with many concurrent tasks
  • Managing, monitoring, and improving the quality of the tech support process

Desirable but not required:

  • Experience in technical support
  • Experience with various mobile phone platforms, especially iOS and Android
  • Project management experience
  • Working directly with US-based customer
  • Knowledge of US banking system

We're looking for a smart and creative go-getter with a good technical understanding who loves to work independently while still enjoying a supportive and collaborative environment.

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