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PHP Developer (Laraval/AngularJS/MySQL)

52 000 грн.
Компания:Geru  (https://jobs.ua/company-geru-140047) (Все вакансии)


Образование:полное высшее
Опыт работы:от двух лет
График работы:удаленная работа

Описание вакансии

About Our Company

GERU is based in California, USA. We develop Web-based business planning tools and other projects. Our company helps entrepreneurs to make their business planning easy and helpful. We have professional staff who work for us from all over the world. Joining Us You have to know that we are a fun company to work for and are looking forward to adding you to our team!

Required Skills:

- More than 2 years of experience in Web Development

- Advanced knowledge of PHP + MySQL;

- Laravel + AngularJS;

- MySQL;


- Good English is required (reading and writing skills);

- Good Communication Skills (daily email progress reports, etc.);

- Fast & Efficient Developer.

Additional Skills Are A Plus:



- Bootstrap

- Draw2D

- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

- Web Server & DNS Administration

- Experience using APIs

Applicant's Qualities:

- Reliable

- Responsible

- Hard Worker

- Good Problem Solver

About The Position:

- Starting salary of $2,000 USD per month.

- You will be eligible for bonuses & salary increases based on performance.

- Full-time position, working remotely from your home in Ukraine.

- Flexible hours to work when you want to perform your best work.

- We offer flexible time off for holidays or other work breaks if scheduled in advance.

How to apply:

- Send your resume to this e-mail address отправить резюме adding your portfolio.

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