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Project Coordinator

 19 жовтня  Київ 
Компанія: eCore   ( (Всі вакансії)
Рубрики:IT, WEB фахівці

Побажання до співробітника

Освіта: середньо-спеціальна
Досвід роботи:обов'язковий
Графік роботи:віддалена робота

Опис вакансії

About eCore

eCore was founded in 2020 to provide solutions that help companies address economic, competitive, and societal issues, including the impacts of COVID-19, and adapt workforce plans accordingly. We combine innovation, technology, and talent to simplify business processes and increase efficiency.

eCore is a rapidly growing startup company focusing on a global mindset, diversity, equity, and inclusion. eCore is a people-oriented organization with first-hand experience in how a motivated, managed, high-functioning team can change the world.

About the position

eCore is looking for a Project Coordinator to assist Team Teads in project management and overseeing the data researchers team, who is willing to be trained, master data research skills and develop a career within the company.


  • Coordinate and assign team members to campaigns, ensuring balanced workloads and efficient resource allocation.

  • Track campaign progress, ensuring deadlines are met and objectives are achieved.

  • Communicate proactively with the team about campaign pace, quality, and any potential issues.

  • Understand campaign goals and objectives, offering process improvements and supporting team members as needed.

  • Support the preparation of campaign updates and outputs, ensuring they meet quality standards.

  • Act as the main point of contact for data researchers, promoting effective communication and teamwork.

  • Collaborate with the Project Manager to provide progress updates and insights to upper management.

  • Foster a collaborative and trusting environment within the team.

  • Maintain a solid understanding of update preparation processes and list outputs.

  • Demonstrate strong leadership skills to drive efficiency and achieve campaign success.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Campaign Progress: Timely completion of campaign milestones and objectives.

  • Communication Effectiveness: Quality and timeliness of communication within the team.

  • Process Improvement: Contribution of process improvement suggestions to enhance campaign efficiency.

  • Team Collaboration: Demonstration of effective teamwork and leadership within the team.

  • Update Preparation: Support in the preparation of campaign updates and list outputs.

  • Trust and Rapport: Development of a positive and trusting relationship with data researchers and team members.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Efficient Campaign Execution: Successful completion of campaigns within set timelines and objectives.

  • Enhanced Communication: Proactive communication of potential issues and progress updates.

  • Process Efficiency: Identification and implementation of process improvements.

  • Team Cohesion: Fostering a collaborative and positive team environment.

  • Quality Outputs: Consistently producing campaign updates and outputs that meet quality standards.

  • Leadership Impact: Demonstrating effective leadership skills that promote teamwork and trust.

The ideal candidate qualifications:

  • Team management experience (preferably in lead generation projects).

  • Experience in training and monitoring teams.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Proactiveness, strong initiative and leadership skills.

  • Experience working with startups and remote teams.

  • Strong knowledge of Google Workspace, spreadsheets and formula manipulations.

  • Ability to work between 9 AM to 5 PM ET (6 AM to 3 PM US Pacific Standard Time)

  • Extremely detail-oriented.

  • Technical background is a plus.

  • Access to a computer with a minimum of 8 GB RAM capacity and an internet download speed of at least 10Mbps.

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