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Senior .NET Developer

Компания:Intetics  (https://jobs.ua/company-intetics-38356) (Все вакансии)


Образование:не имеет значения
Опыт работы:обязателен

Описание вакансии


-4+ years of hands-on development experience

-Demonstrated experience working with a range of relevant technologies including AngularJS, Bootstrap, .Net Framework 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4-5, MS SQL Server 2008 +,

-Ability to work well independently with little direction

-Experience writing unit tests

-Demonstrated history of accurately estimating the work you can accomplish and delivering high-quality code on-time

-Fast to learn new technologies, frameworks, and third-party tools and services

-Preferred experience with BoilerPlate framework


-Work within our team of .Net developers to build, review, and commit code to help us meet our fast-paced release schedule

-Help investigate new frameworks and technologies and share in making key decisions

-Be challenged to expand your skills set by learning new technology

-Be willing to work as a full stack developer taking part in front-end and back-end implementation

About the project:

We’re building a new system to help/assist students to prepare for exams (SAT, SSAT, ACT ...). System is aimed to manage students, tutors, schedule lessons, accounting, track student progress.

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