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Senior QA Automation (Java Stack) Engineer


Опыт работы:обязателен
График работы:полный рабочий день

Описание вакансии

Requirements - Mandatory

Knowledge of test types and methods of organizing them during the testing of different types of applications.
Knowledge of making test documentation (test plans, test cases etc.).
At least a year of automated testing experience.
Skills using Selenium WebDriver on the Java stack.
No formal restrictions to go on foreign trips up to 3 months.
Good spoken English.

Requirements - Additional

Knowledge and skills of development (OOP, programming languages, SQL, HTML, etc.).
Basic knowledge of databases and skills working with at least one of database management systems (one of the following: MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.).
Knowledge of and experience working with continuous integration (TeamCity, Jenkins).
Ability to learn new technologies.

Project Description

Our client is a company that owns a platform for making transactions on the world's largest derivative market, which is the interest rate derivatives market. All transactions are made in electronic form, and the system has been successfully functioning for several years. The next step of the company's development will be launching a new platform that will provide post-trade processes (distribution, clearing, reporting etc.). The regulations for these processes are tightening, which leads to the necessity to extend the functionality of the developed platform.
The platform is to be developed by DataArt. We're currently forming a team of specialists who will work on this project. Our team will be comprised of back-end specialists (Java) who will develop the platform, front-end specialists who will work on the GUI, and testing specialists. All candidates for places in the team are required to have a solid spoken English (for communications with the customer's representatives) and no formal restriction for going on foreign trips up to 3 months.

DataArt Offers:

Competitive salary.

Project bonuses.


Foreign business trips.

Paid overtime, vacation and sick leaves.

Voluntary medical insurance.

Corporate doctor services.

Foreign Language learning.

Internal Training Program.

Corporate events and meetings.

No dress-code.

Chill-out zone.

Gym access.

Office in a comfortable business-center.

Fruit breakfasts and dinners.

Unlimited tea and coffee.

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