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Senior Software Developer (with expertise in Solidity)

  5 января  Львов 
Компания: Dev-Pro  (https://jobs.ua/company-dev-pro-70418) (Все вакансии)


Образование:полное высшее
Опыт работы:от года

Описание вакансии

Project description:
Join the team of cryptocurrency and security enthusiast and get involved in the cutting-edge business project!

We develop a full-fledged extremely-flexible platform that enables:

1. Easy start trading in crypto-world and withdraw cash-on-demand anytime,
2. Transfer all forms of value like fiat currencies, digital currencies, asset tokens or securities,
3. Run stock exchange and get real-time market pricing,
4. Manage your accounts and get real-time balances with them.

You'll be engaged in the design and implementation of a flexible engine for the full-cycle of Initial Coin and Token Offerings (ICOs) with the unique customizable rule engine, distributed ledger technologies, mobile payment gateways, comprehensive, world-class security frameworks and lots of other tremendous features, scaling the solution.

Role description:
• Smart contracts development with Ethereum;
• Be able to take decisions on additional technology stack be able to have direct communication with US-based client;
• Work in tailored SCRUM-driven team of 20+ people, and also will be able to communicate with more than 100 specialists in the company to share and obtain knowledge;
• Work closely with developers and quality assurance engineers;
• Be responsible for making, discussing, approving technical decisions and having them implemented."

Required skills:
• Good knowledge how blockchain-based systems mechanism works;
• Understanding Blockchain, Ethereum systems (Ripple system will be a plus);
• Experience with writing Smart-Contracts;
• Understanding ICO mechanism and workflow;
• Good knowledge of Solidity;
• Good knowledge of Distributed Database Management System;
• English from Intermediate level.

Desired skills:
• Practical experience with .NET Framework (Core) and ASP.NET MVC (Core);
• Experience with JavaScript (Angular2-4);
• Git;
• Knowledge of relational DB concepts such as MS SQL Server;
• PCI DSS certification.

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