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SEO copywriter to the copywriting agency (different languages)

25 000 грн.
  9 січня  Дніпро 
Компанія: Hands With Pens, Copywriting Agency  (https://jobs.ua/company-hands-with-pens-copywriting-agency-1600826) (Всі вакансії)
Категорії:IT, WEB фахівці, Реклама, маркетинг, PR, Наука, освіта, переклади


Освіта:не має значення
Досвід роботи:від двох років
Графік роботи:віддалена робота

Опис вакансії

Hey, Ukrainians and writers from other countries!

Now we’re looking for a responsible and motivated SEO-writers to join our remote team!


  • English is your first language, you lived in English speaking countries, or had written practice with American websites and think like native US speaker. More US than the UK.
  • Experience in the field of copywriting will be a plus.
  • Desire to write literate, interesting and logical texts.
  • Priority to guys, because most of our topics for men. But if you are a girl and like topics like sports betting — send your CV and welcome.
  • We need not only English but also: French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish copywriters / and Bulgarian, Romanian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian, Arab, Persian, Mongolian (for sports betting project now).


  • Writing texts and reviews for website promotion by the keys.
  • Themes: sports betting, product reviews, travel articles, etc.

Our offer:

  • A remote part-time job or full-time job, we can give you from 300k to 700k characters per month.
  • Friendly and professional feedbacks from your Team-lead.
  • Interesting tasks, possibilities for professional growth.
  • First daily payment to build trust and later once a week / two weeks.

Our project samples:

Sports betting


Amazon reviews


Now we have projects with a budget from 2,5$ per 1k (170 words), depends on the project and language.

If this sounds like you, send us to email your price for 1000 characters and a letter with your experience and writing skills.

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