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Data Manager, Analyst

 16 июля   Город: Николаев
  Готова к командировкам: Киев, Львов
Возраст: 26 лет
Режим работы: полный рабочий день, свободный график работы, удаленная работа
IT, WEB специалисты, Медицина, фармацевтика, Работа за рубежом
  Готова к командировкам

Опыт работы

Data Analyst
GeeksForLess (IT), Николаев
07.2018 − 06.2019 (11 месяцев)


• Collecting and researching data on various purchases done by the customers
• Analyzing data to find conclusions, encode and transcribe pieces of information into the integrated system
• Providing timely and accurate reporting that best meets the needs of the end consumers
• Using statistical techniques to analyze results from data to identify patterns, draw conclusions, and compile results for reports and dashboards
• Assisting with other tasks and projects as assigned

Tools: Custom Integrated System, Google Sheets, Apache OpenOffice

Data Manager
Trendom (Retail), Николаев
08.2017 − 06.2018 (10 месяцев)


• Managing systems which support material monitoring, warehouse operations including inventory management forecasting and scheduling
• Enforcing data stewardship throughout the organization to ensure data is entered accurately and completely in all systems
• Manipulating and analyzing data from varying sources
• Displaying analyses results in text and visualizations to Top managers

Tools: Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets

Data Manager
Trendon (Internet), Николаев
04.2015 − 07.2017 (2 года 2 месяца)


• Manage all incoming data files from various sources
• Review data for inconsistencies or anomalies that could skew analytical results
• Streamline data collection and analysis procedures to ensure fast access to metrics
• Communicate with managers about data changes or requirements

Tools: Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets


Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (Николаев)
Electronics and Telecommunications, Electronic Systems
полное высшее, 08.2010 − 02.2017 (6 лет 6 месяцев)

Дополнительное образование

 Data Analysis with Spreadsheets (DataCamp) (2018)
 Data Visualization (Prometheus) (2017)
 SQL for Data Analysis (Udacity) (2018)
 GeeksForLess MySQL Database Administration Course (2018)
 Microsoft Excel for the Data Analyst (2018)

Знание языков:

Украинский - Продвинутый (свободно), Английский - Средний, Русский - Продвинутый (свободно)
Дополнительно: Reading: Upper-Intermediate. Listening and Writing: Intermediate. Speaking: Pre-Intermediate.

Дополнительная информация

Знание компьютера, программ:  Data Tools: 1. Microsoft Excel with Power Pivot 2. Google Sheets with XLMiner Analysis ToolPak 3. Google Data Studio 4. SQL with MySQL and SQLite Other: Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux Distributions
Личные качества, хобби, увлечения, навыки:  Discovering the hidden knowledge from data is truly exciting me and the opportunity to freely share this knowledge with others makes me happy.
Цель поиска работы, пожелания к месту работы:  Using my passion and data analysis skills, I want to bring maximum benefit.
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