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    Sales Manager

     26 июля  Город: Киев
     Готов к переезду в: Нидерланды
    Возраст:35 лет
    Режим работы:полный рабочий день,удаленная работа,частичная занятость
    Рубрики: IT, WEB специалисты; Реклама, маркетинг, PR; Торговля, продажи, закупки
     Состою в браке Готов к командировкам



    Highly competent sales professional with diverse skills and experience, able to excel in nearly any role or

    function. Several years of experience in various positions at an innovative and rapidly growing startup in the

    San Francisco bay area, culminating in managing an inside sales team. Interested in opportunities which take

    advantage of my past experience while allowing me to learn new skills and technologies and develop



    ● Inside and outside sales

    ● Customer and partner relationship management

    ● Live product demonstrations

    ● Relating, and communicating, software capabilities to business objectives

    ● Online marketing strategies

    ● Multi-channel digital analytics

    ● Eagerness to take on new challenges

    ● Ability to initiate new relationships and develop personal connections

    ● Thorough understanding of technology fundamentals and capabilities

    ● Capable of quickly understanding new technologies and learning new skills

    ● Adept troubleshooter of technical issues

    ● Skilled in analyzing problems and complications, and creating effective solutions

    ● Highly efficient, able to develop strategies to accomplish objectives quickly and efficiently


    Systems Administrator and Warehouse Manager​, 2013 to 2018

    North Bay Color Supply & Golden Gate North​ – Santa Rosa, CA

    ● Managed, upgraded and maintained all computer hardware and software for both businesses

    ● Deployed iPad based mobile Point of Sale system to improve usability and simplify order processing, thus

    leading to greater efficiency across multiple departments

    ● Monitored inventory levels and warehouse conditions to ensure orders were able to be fulfilled and were

    delivered to customers at the expected time

    ● Developed strategies for optimizing warehouse inventory management to reduce time spent monitoring

    inventory levels and creating restock orders

    ● Redesigned retail storefront to improve customer experience and promote high profit margin products

    ● Created physical advertisements and online marketing campaigns to promote newly redesigned storefront

    leading to a 200% increase in retail sales

    ● Designed and built North Bay Color Supply website and created social media presence for both companies

    ● Utilized targeted online marketing campaigns on various platforms to promote both businesses to local


    ● Measured and improved effectiveness of online marketing campaigns using web analytics tools

    Support Communications Consultant​, 2012 to 2013

    Sitecore Ukraine​ – Dnipro, Ukraine

    ● Researched the Support Department's closed tickets in order to identify common communication issues

    and provide feedback to management on support personnel abilities, also to identify and highlight

    exceptional communications successes

    ● Worked directly with Support Department management to identify language difficulties and common

    communication errors, then developed and administered plans to alleviate these issues

    ● Developed and formalized "Communications Guidelines" to highlight communications successes and

    failures in order to improve quality of customer service from support team based in Ukraine

    ● Held several presentations to introduce "Communications Guidelines" to the support department and

    communicated value of friendly and helpful support for driving sales and customer retention

    ● Held regular "Native English Speaker" sessions to improve English comprehension and communication

    capabilities for all staff based in Ukrainian office

    Inside Sales Manager​, 08/2009 to 06/2012

    Sitecore USA​ – Mill Valley, CA

    ● Assisted Regional Sales Directors to identify opportunities for client engagement in their region

    ● Provided initial engagement for over $1,200,000 in sales per annum

    ● Administered product demonstrations both online and in person to assist Regional Directors in managing their pipeline

    ● Researched compatible digital marketing agencies and initialized partnership discussions for Regional Directors

    ● Successfully initiated partnerships with numerous large and impactful partner agencies, as well as countless smaller agencies, driving a further $2,000,000+ in sales per annum

    ● Continued to provide ongoing assistance to both clients and partners to supplement Regional Sales Directors

    ● Trained, mentored and monitored a team of Inside Sales Representatives to ensure every sales lead was evaluated and pursued in a professional and timely manner

    Technical Coordinator​, 06/2007 to 09/2009

    Sitecore USA​ – Mill Valley, CA

    ● Responsible for procurement and initial configuration of equipment and software for new Regional Sales

    Directors, as well as company executives and VPs

    ● Oversaw the testing of equipment and software to check for defects prior to internal deployment

    ● Provided technical support and problem solving for company VPs and Sales Directors with equipment or

    software issues or questions

    ● Assisted Training Department in coordinating the resources needed to properly administer product training

    for new clients, partners, and employees

    ● Built and maintained servers and virtual machines for employees from all departments

    ● Provided extensive support to C Level executives such as building dynamic sales charts and spreadsheets

    to calculate tax liabilities

    Technical Support and Training Coordination​, 05/2006 to 06/2007

    Sitecore USA​ – Mill Valley, CA

    ● Responsible for all aspects of administering company's certification training program, both at our facilities

    and at offsite locations, including: arranging travel for instructor, booking training facilities and

    equipment, printing and compiling training manuals, coordinating meals, ensuring students were properly

    prepared, and issuing certificates upon completion

    ● Provided product support to customers and partners via email, phone, and web meetings

    ● Identified common support issues and used this information to adjust and expand documentation to reduce

    future occurrence

    ● Provided product demonstrations to customers and partners

    Данное резюме уже не актуально.

    Оно было сохранено на сайте и помещено в архив резюме в ознакомительных целях.

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