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Резюме Senior c++ developer
Poturaiev Anton

Professional resumeПрофессиональное резюме, в котором указаны: эл.почта, телефон, зарплата, опыт работы, образование и другая важная информация.Senior c++ developer

120 000 грн.
 18 июня  Город: Киев
 Готов к переезду в: Одесса, Харьков, Львов
Возраст:36 лет
Режим работы:полный рабочий день, удаленная работа, частичная занятость
Рубрики: IT, WEB специалисты
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Опыт работы

C+++ developer
freelance (IT), Одесса
12.2021 − По настоящее время (1 год 10 месяцев)
  • • C++14/17
    • STL/STD
    • Boost
    • WinAPI
    • POSIX
    • CMake
    • GIT
    • Bash
    • Batch
    • Visual Studio 2022
    • VS Code
    • CLion
    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Jira
    • Confluence
    • GitLab
    • MFC
    • REST API
    • Json
    • Multi process/threading
    • RPC
    • IPC
    • CURL
    • Postman
    • wxWidgets
    • GTK3+
    • VirtualBox
    • 2D Graphics
    • Syntax analysis
    • Text processing
    • Image processing
    • Linux daemon development
    • Installation package development (Linux (deb/rpm), Windows (msi))
    • Requirements analysis
    • Cross-platform application architecture development
    • Planning tasks, sprints, time
    • Feature implementation
Senior C++ Developer
ED3P (IT), Одесса
12.2020 − 11.2021 (11 месяцев)

new features implementation, bug fix

● C++17
● C
● CMake
● Git
● GitLab
● Jenkins
● Jira
● Multi process/threading
● Boost
● Json
● Redis
● Main Frame
● AWS - virtual disk/tape format by IBM
● Visual Studio 2019
● VS Code
● CLion
● Windows
● Postman

Senior C++ Developer
Intellias (IT), Одесса
02.2020 − 09.2020 (7 месяцев)

● Bash
● C++ 11/14
● Linux
● Boost
● Dlt
● CMake
● Git
● Gerrit

● VirtualBox

Senior C++ Developer
Luxoft (IT), Одесса
11.2019 − 02.2020 (3 месяца)

● Ticket analyze
● C++ 14
● MoCCa
● Harman SDK (Colibri)
● Linux
● Boost
● Thrift
● Git

Lead Software Developer
Luxoft (IT), Одесса
01.2019 − 08.2019 (7 месяцев)

● Ticket analyze

● Solve critical issues
● Refactoring of core components
● Multi process/threading
● C++ 17
● MoCCa
● Harman SDK (Colibri)
● Linux
● Perforce
● WireShark

Senior C++ Developer
Comodo (IT), Одесса
06.2017 − 12.2018 (1 год 5 месяцев)

● C++ 14
● Boost
● sqlite_orm
● IPC (grpc / nanomsg), google protobuf
● Design patterns
● Creation of a software architecture
● Linux
● CMake
● CLion, DB expert for SQLite
● UML design (high and low level)
● Technical interview
● Microservice architecture
● Multi process/threading
● Http/Https client (CURL)
● Micro-management

team leader
Luxoft (IT), Одесса
02.2017 − 06.2017 (4 месяца)

● C(99)/C++(11)/Embedded C++
● Design patterns
● Linux/RTOS(uItron)/Windows/CigWin
● IPC, RPC, Multi process/threading, ISC, ICC, coroutine
● Partner jet debugger
● Improve technical skills of our colleagues (preparation of lecture, presentation, code review)
● UML design (high and low level)
● Technical interview
● ARM architecture, ALPS and Murata bluetooth hardware, PartnerJ debugger, GPIO, Linux Kernel
modules, architecture of flash memory, file system,
● Bluetooth, HCI sniffer
● Libraries: Boost, STD, STL, BlueGO, Blue SDK, BlueZ, DBus, Common API, Populus SDK,
ImageMagik++, ICU, libvcardparser, some extension for boost.gil(based of libjpg, libtiff, libpng),
asound (ALSA), libusb, SQLite, POSIX API
● Fix for crashes
● Preparation of release delivery, integration
● Deep experience with Git (bash, gitk) :(
● KDevelop, Sublime, CLion, DB expert for SQLite, Meld, Kate, Qt Creator
● CMake, Make, Bash
● Development of high level architecture (project-level architecture team)
● Development of high and low level architecture (domain-level architecture)
● Analyze of customer requirements, preparation of CRS, TRS, FROP
● Task/time planning (self and team)
● Written communication with customer
● Cross-domain communication
● Architecture meetings, soft skill improvement meetings, mentoring,
● Business trips to Germany
● Development of very performance DB (c++ (boost) based) for embedded system
● Porting of some parts of Boost library to RTOS (uItron)
● Bottlenecks development (core (BT stack) - level, IPC/RPC/ISC/ICC - level), base-line of
architecture (skeletons) for all components
● Scrum/Agile/ASPICE
● Preparation of reports about progress of development/design/testing to the PM’s team and
● I was trained in leadership, oratory, time management, ASPICE / Agile / Scrum workflows, team’s
● Domain architecture: three separate process (daemons) on Linux side and one task (with
coroutine) on RTOS (uItron) side; seven components - bluetooth: core, media, phone, organizer;
phone call manager, user profile handling, picture manager
● Development of custom RPC, based of: ISC commands and shared memory on target side, and
sockets and POSIX shared memory on host side
● Team of ten employers: two senior, fife middles, two junior and one qa

senior c++ programmer
Luxoft (IT), Одесса
08.2015 − 06.2017 (1 год 10 месяцев)

● C(99)/C++(11)/Embedded C++
● Design patterns
● Bug fix
● Refactoring
● Improve of architecture solution
● UML design (low-level)
● Improve technical skills of our colleagues (preparation of lecture, presentation, code review)
● Technical interview
● AARCH64 architecture
● Bluetooth
● Libraries: Thrift, Boost, STD, STL, BlueSDK, Ofono, Common API, Populus SDK
● IPC, RPC, Multi process/threading
● Code review
● Linux
● CMake
● Bash
● Git
● KDevelop
● Sublime
● Partner jet debugger

software engineer
LULU Software (IT), Харьков
04.2009 − 05.2015 (6 лет )

● Experience with libraries: BOOST, MFC, Xtreme ToolkitPro, loki, freetype 2, ATL (SOAP), WIX,
GDI+, MSI API, WinAPI/RT, CURL, HTMLayout, rapidxml, pugixml, icu, idn, zlib, unrar, MacOs API,
● Experience with windows 8 development (c++/c++cx) - porting core layers and business logic of
PDF Application
● MacOS X development - porting core layers and business logic of PDF Application (С/С++). UI
design and development - Objective C/C++
● Development of Windows Shell Extension (win xp)
● Plugin development for VS 2005 - 2010 (localizer, c#)
● Development of localization subsystem: plugin for VS 2005 - 2010 (c#), с++ - static library
containing localizer kernel, utility for editing localization files (with a convenient extension for file
format support) based on the above library, dll providing intrusive translator’s interface
● Experience in developing localization systems for Windows and MacOS basing on GNU GetText
utilities + Python + boost.locale
● Development of various scripts in Python, JavaScript, Bash, Batch for project setup and
integration in MS Visual Studio and XCode
● Significant expertise in text parsing and generating using Boost.Spirit classic/2.2. Development of
abstract parser of PostScript language; development of generator for Adobe CMap based on the
above parser, and interpreter of PostScript subset based on the above parser. Development of
Pfd parser. Vast experience in writing extensions (terminals, directives) for boost.spirit. qi/karma
● Experience of working with inner structure of font files (*.otf, *.ttf, *.ttc, *.pdf, *.ps)
● Experience with windows xp/vista/7 registry
● Development of various custom controls for Windows/MacOS applications
● Development of installers (Windows/MacOS)
● Design and implementation of business logic modules and related UI
● Software optimization experience
● Development of multithreaded applications
● Working experience of using design patterns


ВНУ им. В. Даля (Луганск)
Прикладная математика
полное высшее, 09.2004 − 03.2009 (4 года 5 месяцев)

Знание языков:

Английский - Ниже среднего, Русский - Продвинутый (свободно), Украинский - Продвинутый (свободно)
Дополнительно: English: technical (about A2 - B1)

Дополнительная информация

Знание компьютера, программ: С++ 99/11/14/17, embeded c++, sdt, stl, boost, cmake, git, curl, etc.. Multi-threading, ipc, rpc. Windows/Linux/MacOS
Личные качества, хобби, увлечения, навыки: Boldness, honesty, responsibility, reliability, sociability, benevolence, ability to learn quickly, team working skills, ability to understand other people's code, ability to adhere to corporate notation. I write high-quality, well-documented (if enough time was provided) and easily readable code!
Цель поиска работы, пожелания к месту работы: трудоустройство

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