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    Резюме Service manager
    Oslyak Vladimir

    Service manager

    25 000 грн.
     26 февраля   Город: Киев
    Возраст: 39 лет
    Режим работы: полный рабочий день
    Рубрики: IT, WEB специалисты; Телекоммуникации и связь
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    More than 16 years of experience in the service with clients and suppliers, both domestic and foreign (China, Great Britain, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.).I don't drink or smoke at all, and I don't recommend it to others.Computer skills: Expert - up to disassemble / assemble, reinstall / install software, etc. For mobile technologies - similar to computer technologies.More details in a more detailed summary.Recommendations from the place of work from Director of company "MAGIC MOBILE" Yaroslav Anatolyevich Srochinsky +38 (044) 5990000 (development of ukrexport in Ukraine).



    National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" (Kyiv).

    Year of completion 2006 Thermal power, Software for automated systems (databases)

    Language skills: Russian – native, Ukrainian – native, English – intermediate.


    Experience:Service Manager / Engineer
    Aug 2017 - Dec 2020 (3 years 4 months)

    IT Consulting / Services / Equipment Manufacturing

    Duties: Service manager of the Xiaomi brand. The same responsibilities as on MAGIC MOBILE Company (read below), but in parallel on several small firms. The products were 90% Xiaomi smartphones.


    Specialist of the service department of LLC "MAGIC MOBILE"

    Apr 2011 - Aug 2017 (6 years 5 months)«MAGIC MOBILE» Company

    IT Consulting / Services / Equipment Manufacturing


    Organization, full provision, support for warranty and non-warranty products. Sales. Providing innovative ideas and data collected in the guarantee process and their processing. Testing. Repair (physical and software). Statistics, analytics. More details below.The activity of the company is the creation, production, sale of mobile equipment (smartphones, tablets, e-books, mobile phones, GPS navigators). The firm was the official representative of THL and MAGIC in Ukraine. Before smartphones appeared in our country, the company was engaged in equipment from the above list of activities. Before the advent of smartphones and tablets, they were also engaged in the development of future smartphones, and then tablets.That is, what they should be in terms of requests, technical characteristics and capabilities in our country, especially in terms of software. Smooth transition from two / three sim phones to dual sim smartphones (GSM / GSM or GSM / CDMA, etc.). The further, the more they moved away from the GSM / CDMA aggregate and moved to GSM / GSM or GSM / WCDMA, and later to 2G, 3G, 4G, etc. Push-button telephone, push-button-touch telephone with a resistive sensor, push-button-touch phone with a capacitive sensor, touch-sensitive phone with a capacitive sensor and smartphones with resistive or capacitive sensors (later only with capacitive).We started with dual-SIM phones and ended up with modern smartphones and tablets. They sold both their smartphones, phones, tablets, e-books modeled in Ukraine and assembled in China under the MAGIC brand, as well as Xiaomi, THL, Lenovo, Anycool products simply imported from China.

    Duties in detail:

    When I started to work, I was given a spare parts warehouse, which needed to be inventoried and organized for further work / filling. Provided data from Chinese partners from China, as well as data from the services with which we cooperated at that time in terms of repairs of pre-sale, warranty and post-warranty equipment in Ukraine. Of the services, it was necessary to select 1-2 or find new ones for cooperation on an ongoing basis as outsourcing.After organizing the warehouse and establishing contacts with partners from China and services in Ukraine, I started my duties at work:

    1 Testing, repair (physical and software) without soldering.

    2 Creation of a nomenclature of spare parts for new finished items (disassembly of the finished product, photography, fixing all the nuances).

    3 Creation of an order of spare parts based on the above created nomenclature, the price list of Chinese partners and the acceptable order rate for sales and guarantee provision.

    4 Coordination of the possibility of purchasing them from Chinese partners, ordering, support and monitoring of the order before it arrives in Ukraine.

    5 If it was impossible to order / deliver the necessary spare parts, it was necessary to agree and deliver the finished products for their subsequent disassembly for spare parts upon request.

    6 When goods arrive in order to provide a guarantee at the warehouse, it must be matched with the order (quantity, correctness and price), if necessary tested, then capitalized into the warehouse.

    7 Guarantee software.

    8 Acceptance of pre-sale products from our internal warehouse after testing them before sales for processing and repair / shipment in the SC (either on-site repair or sending to the SC).

    9 Item 7 could also be from VIP clients.

    10 Monitoring of products under repair, shipment, if necessary, of spare parts for the repair of equipment after a request from the SC.

    11 Receiving products from repair, testing and redirecting for return to warehouse / customers.

    12 Solving the most difficult service issues that could not be dealt with in services.

    13 Monitoring the work of services with our products and customers.

    14 Request, receipt and processing of reports on the work done by services.

    15 Payment for services.

    16 Collecting data on the quality of products sold, processing and displaying statistics.

    17 Reporting to management.

    18 Providing services with spare parts for non-warranty repairs, as well as simple sales to other customers in Ukraine during the warranty period.

    19 For the last two years, after the end of the warranty from MAGIC, I was exclusively engaged in the sale of spare parts both for services and our customers, and for all other customers in Ukraine for Xiaomi, THL, Lenovo, Magic, Anycool, etc. Receiving orders, processing, shipping.

    20 All other duties that must be performed in any service center for the operation of the warranty and non-warranty service. To the responsibilities, you can add many points from the past jobs listed below.


    Service manager

    Aug 2010 - Mar 2011 (8 months)

    Online store ROZETKA

    IT Consulting / Services / Equipment Manufacturing

    First, I was engaged in the acceptance / delivery of goods from Kiev customers at acceptance, then I switched to working with the regions (receiving goods, calling customers, receiving incoming calls to the service, sending goods to the regions, receiving unpaid goods to trade warehouses), then I switched to working with services and the following circle of responsibilities emerged:

    1 The turnover of the Sockets service and service centers of Ukraine.

    2 The turnover of the Sockets service and trade warehouses.

    3 Registration of markdowns of goods.

    4 Collection and sending to services for repair.

    5 Receipt of goods from services and redistribution of it in the necessary directions (to customers, to a trading warehouse, back to services).

    6 Control of the goods sent to the services (what arrived, what did not arrive, why did not arrive, what came back after a long stay in the services and was not repaired, driving the receipt numbers into 1C into the invoices).

    7 Registration of applications in the ASC on their websites before sending to the services.

    8 Servicing those services that themselves come to pick up defective goods from us and give us the repaired one.

    9 Calling customers and services on various issues (readiness of goods, repair time, etc.).

    10 On Saturdays, I was engaged in testing, acceptance / delivery of goods from Kiev customers at acceptance.

    11 Preparation of goods for sale (testing, restoring factory settings, cleaning, checking the completeness and appearance).

    12 Delivery of goods to nearby services and to help the driver with large-sized shipments to services.

    13 If possible - establishing and controlling order on the territory of the service in terms of turnover.

    14 Control of repair time.

    15 Substitute / help receivers in difficult blockage situations when accepting clients from Kiev.

    16 Many other duties that arose in the service and acquired priority number 1 for implementation.


    Service manager / Service department logistics specialist

    Jan 2004 - May 2010 (6 years 5 months)

    VERSION, VERSION-SYSTEMS Company IT Consulting / Services / Equipment Manufacturing

    The controlling link in the movement of all claims in the service (work with partners / clients and service centers, both Ukrainian and foreign). Control, guidance, receipt, definition, redirection, storage, repair, delivery, registration, write-off, disposal, return, reporting, inventory, collection of information, statistics and much more). It's easier to say what I didn’t do - I didn’t solder electronics, as there were engineers for that. Plus, in parallel, he was the head of service warehouses.

    1 Control of the movement of all claims for the service, through the database I wrote, which was sent to me as a project in my bachelor's and diploma theses.All the goods that came to the service from acceptance in Kiev, from the regions by parcels, internal defects from the assembly and just from the trade warehouses passed through me to distribute them in the necessary directions (whether for repair to our engineers, or for dispatch from Ukrainian or foreign services, roofing felts directly to the section of scrap and preparation for disposal) and to collect information for future reports (by type: MONTHLY REPORT ON THE WORK OF ENGINEERS THAT HAS COME EARLIER, MONTHLY REPORT ON THE ARRIVAL OF COMPLAINTS TO THE SERVICE, The number of claims received per day by months, by brands, by models, reports DONE BY EVERYONE, many others)

    2 Sending to Ukrainian services (standard dispatches in Kiev and regions to services of those products that we do not have the right to repair ourselves) and foreign (by the type of compilation RMA_Creative, RMA_PowerColor, RMA_Edifier, RMA_Sapphire, etc.) Sending both documentary and physically ...

    3 Upon the arrival of goods from engineers or cash (offset, offset, etc.) from services - distribution in the reverse order, respectively, plus sending to BRACA warehouses from three departments.

    4 Management of BRACA warehouses from three departments (temporary storage of defective goods that are waiting for spare parts from abroad, storage and preparation for disposal of non-repairable goods, distribution of these goods for "completely write-off" or temporary donor goods for engineers, inventory and in-depth reporting on defective goods, etc. that is related to faulty goods). Please do not confuse it with a simple, temporarily defective product that came to the service for repair.

    5 Daily control of the entire document flow for service affairs by other acceptance employees or product managers (employees in the correct execution of acceptance and consumption documents, serial numbers, etc., and managers in terms of refunding money to customers based on return documents from customers).

    6 Working with clients from Kiev and regional. The first 6 points above are the first one and a half years of work.Further, after the expansion of the company and its move to a new location, the range of duties and responsibilities expanded. There was a territorial division of engineers, acceptance from Kiev clients, a department for work with regions and service, as well as a division of a service warehouse by the type of marriage warehouses by departments. There was one service, now there are three.Both documentary and territorially divided the warehouses of receipt / expenditure, sub-accounts. The goods that were sold from warehouse # 1 were accepted for service # 1, etc.The division took place according to the type of sales:First DISTY - exclusively component parts and peripherals.The second BCS - sale of finished products (system blocks from assembly, PDA, laptops, servers).The third DKORP - wholesale and retail VIP-clients (MO, Ministry of Finance, etc.).I was allocated about 85 square meters of territory for the correct distribution of all the service goods of these three departments and all the service work that flowed to me again from the assembly, from clients and from the regions for further investigation and processing. Among other things, they made me the head of this room and all the service warehouses responsible for fire safety and labor protection. They gave me 3-4 people (the number of people varied) to organize all the above-mentioned internal and external service work.As a result, it turned out in one room - three defective warehouses, three services, three donor warehouses, three trade and service warehouses (goods were stored there for repairing service products, goods for quick replacement of components from finished products (system equipment, PDAs, laptops) and goods just for sales by service), warehouse of prepared goods for recycling, warehouse of recycled goods (the goods were waiting for a couple of months to be taken out), partial warehouse of Versia's property (office equipment, equipment of engineers and office equipment that was registered with the head of the service, but was temporarily not used by the service), partially Repaired products (sold at a discount or used in other areas of the company), sweet UNCONDITIONAL product of unprofitable repair (disabled people like a motherboard with one non-working memory slot, but the board is otherwise working, or, for example, a video card with a non-working DVI connector, but a working D-SUB).

    So the range of responsibilities expanded to:

    1 All 6 responsibilities of the above.

    2 Management of 17 warehouses, if not mistaken in the calculation. Strictly monitor that the goods lay or move only in their warehouse, and if they migrate to another warehouse, then only if they have a reason for this and with the correct documentation.

    3 Acceptance of finished goods from regional ASCs and from test engineers. Typical acceptance is to inspect for fur and thermal damage, determine the warranty both in relation to the client and in relation to the supplier where we bought, post the goods to the appropriate warehouse, the relevant department and send it to the desired direction (point one of the first 6 duties ), but in addition to everything else, it was necessary to immediately find and write out a replacement for this complaint in terms of technical and price characteristics. Since this part is from a FINISHED product and were obliged not to repair it, but immediately change it within three days in relation to the client.

    4 Working with regional ASCs and directly with clients from the regions.

    5 Working with service centers in Kiev, regions and abroad in terms of offsets, offsetting, replacement for analogues, consumption of goods and arrival of goods, etc. Entering compensation amounts into the 1C base.

    6 Control of the terms of stay in these services and the terms of stay of complaints with our engineers in repair.

    7 Rapid testing of goods before sending to customers or services.

    8 Inventory of all 17 warehouses monthly.9 Calling customers about the readiness of the goods.

    10 Control of acceptance work.

    11 Disposal of non-repairable goods in more detail.

    12 Reports, reports and many reports.

    13 Replaced any employee as needed (acceptance, delivery, testing).

    14 Interviewing and training new personnel.For the last 1.5 years, the department for work with parcels from the regions moved to our premises and came under my command (2 people).



    Jul 2003 - Dec 2003 (6 months)

    Shop "SPAR" Unloading, loading, weighing, inventory of goods.


    Agent (Full Time)

    Jul 2002 - Sep 2002 (3 months)

    Blitz-Inform Publishing House Advertising and PR services. Delivery of correspondence.

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