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    Программист Mobile developers 

    120 000 грн.
     10 декабря 2021  Киев 
    Компания: JOBBERRY Oy  (https://jobs.ua/company-jobberry-oy-100470) (Все вакансии)
    Рубрики:IT, WEB специалисты


    Образование:не имеет значения
    Опыт работы:желателен
    График работы:полный рабочий день

    Описание вакансии

    Mobile developers


    Needed mobile developers for multiple positions and projects, and that is why we have a possibility to be flexible with you and allocate you to the project that matches the best with your background, skills and areas of interest.

    We are looking for mobile developers who:

    Have a strong experience in native development on at least one mobile ecosystem (Apple / Android)

    Can develop for both major platforms (iOS & Android) either natively or using crossplatform tools (Flutter or React Native)

    Is always keen to learn new technologies and methods

    Can adapt to changing circumstances and environments and take on board new ideas

    Have proven experience in working in teams of different sizes

    In order to find the right position for you and describe your experience and areas of interest. The potential candidates will be invited to an interview for further discussion.

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