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Project Manager

 22 лютого  Донецьк 


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Опис вакансії

About the position:

For this position we are looking a trainee (intern) without or with minimum work experience, but with a high level of spoken English.

The candidate has to understand the background and processes of software development and be able to organize effective work in team. Project manager constantly communicates with the customer in English and set the priorities for developers. Moreover, your duties will also include project estimation with a technical specialists and developers, analyzing the efficiency of labor and implement the solutions to upgrading the speed and quality of a development. It is necessary to understand that this post is associated with management and an increased level of responsibility. Thus, project manager is a key figure in a project; because he/she is specifically responsible for meeting all deadlines and in a successful realization of a project in a whole. We look for the person, who extremely responsible and not afraid of difficulties.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Upper Intermediate English
  • Good communications skills
  • Responsibility
  • Punctuality
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to easily find contact with people
  • Ability to express your thoughts politely and clearly
  • Flexible minded
  • Ability to solve variety of tasks in stressful situations

Advantage will be the experience with:

  • Agile
  • Scrum/Kanban
  • Jira or YouTrack
  • Git
  • Team management experience
  • Experience in software quality control
  • Understanding and preparedness to work with objections and resolve conflicts

Working conditions:

  • Flexible hours, full-time, part-time
  • Remote working
  • Young collective
  • Paid holidays
  • Various bonuses for the best employees
  • Opportunity to improve language skills

Please send your CV on: отправить резюме

Skype: Poveshchеnko Tetiana

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