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Resource Manager

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Освіта:повна вища
Досвід роботи:від двох років
Графік роботи:повний робочий день

Опис вакансії

Job Intro:

Dynamic and extremely vibrant, Resource Management (RM) is the process of matching the right people to the right projects at the right time.

That’s what your future experienced colleagues say about RM:

«It`s like a mountain climbing. Is it hard? Yes. Does it take a lot of your time? Yes. But in the end of the day you get a feeling that you are on top :) It gives you a feeling of freedom in making a decision which should be a smart balance between business needs and of people’s pleasure .» — Olia

«What do I like in my job? First, it is non-stop communication and cooperation with various people. I enjoy it a lot. I like being someone, who helps employees to find a project of their dream. Moreover, I enjoy helping delivery to find a correct person to their team, who can bring real value for particular project and company in general. I also like continuous improvement and professional growth for myself. That is a job, where I learn a lot of new; here are many mature people to do that» — Sasha

«Do you enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles? I do. My job is very similar to them: I have to find matching pieces for a perfect team out of outstanding people we have in SoftServe. To be successful in this I need to be fast and proactive. I work with people, so not every decision is easy to take. Things can change very fast (sometimes several times a day) and you have to accept high level of uncertainty as a usual condition. I’m never 100% sure what kind of specialist our delivery will need next time, but as I work with them I know patterns and can plan it in advance. I also work with sensitive information in our daily operational work, so I have to be very accurate and attentive to the details» — Nata

Join us and you’ll get the best rock team who don’t regret their time, passion and efforts to make business effective and people happy simultaneously!

Job Purpose:

You will be responsible for leading the process for resource tracking throughout the location. This is a hands-on role, interacting with employees, project managers and all company leadership team. The Resource Manager also manages tools, data, and reporting pertaining to resource management of company staff, including capability, availability and utilization data. This role also works hand in hand with Recruiting in screening prospective resources into each practice.


  • Manage Release to Reserve process, make decisions on acceptance
  • Assure load, manage tasks assignment for employees in reserve, make dismissal decisions
  • Manage retraining process and internal projects
  • Manage reserve cost effectiveness
  • Consulting and supporting company management to ensure best quality of collaboration with stuffing
  • Keep stakeholders updated regarding staffing capabilities in location
  • Participate in staffing strategy development for specific projects and positions in their location
  • Analyze of reserve quality and amount of available specialists, timely open reserve vacancies for external search for skills which cannot be gained internally, make decision on hirings
  • Recommend employees available in reserve for open vacancies by providing extensive information about candidate, timely react to staffing needs, changes
  • Manage potential apprentice needs and track apprenticeship vacancies
  • Take care of employees retention processes in location. Promote existing processes (rotation, retraining) and create new ones
  • Manage salaries
  • Investigate, create and apply best practices for staffing speed up on location/in the Company
  • Drive initiatives in the Company to improve staffing and resourcing processes


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 2 years of experience with facilitation, coordination, scheduling and managing of internal and external resources or similar role
  • Good understanding of IT outsourcing industry
  • Demonstrated high level of analytical and problem solving skills in managing complex deployments
  • Superior organizational skills, unflagging attention to detail and demonstrated commitment to the accuracy and completeness of information
  • Ability to independently manage priorities and resources in a high volume, client-driven environment
  • Highly service-oriented and responsive
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and well-developed interpersonal skills
  • Application of Microsoft Office suite, in particular Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • Intermediate+ English level


  • Competitive salary
  • Paid sickness leaves
  • Corporate doctor’s service
  • Career map and Career Advisor’s support during all period of work
  • Free professional certification
  • Free gym
  • Friendly working environment
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