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    Описание компании

    Androniky, Neely, Brook and John are a Greek-American family who lives between Austin, Texas and Lemnos, a Greek island in the Northern Aegean. As the events in Ukraine unfolded, we watched in disbelief, feeling angry and powerless. We were inspired by spontaneous humanitarian efforts in Europe to accommodate the hundreds of thousands, now millions of Ukrainians fleeing for their lives and decided to take action and do whatever we can to help in our part of the world. Because of our backgrounds (tech, hospitality,
    marketing) and to match the need for housing in Greece, we decided to launch GR4UA a nonprofit foundation. Our nonprofit legal entity is TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOUNDATION doing business as GR4UA which was registered in the books of the ATHENS PROTOCOL COURT with Registration Number AM. 489788 Filing Number AC 122/2022.

    As we were inspired to do something and take action, we want to invite you to participate in this humanitarian effort in whatever way you feel is appropriate for you. This is a huge undertaking and we cannot do it alone.

    Лицензия: 489788
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