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German Speaking Agents with Experience Inbound or Outbound - From Home

 25 января  Киев 
Компания: Grupo Noa International  (https://jobs.ua/company-grupo-noa-international-1592042) (Все вакансии)
Категории:Офисный персонал, Телекоммуникации и связь, Работа без квалификации


Образование:не имеет значения
Опыт работы:от года
График работы:полный рабочий день

Описание вакансии

We are looking for a number of German agents with experience in Inbound or Outbound Sales. Please send your resume. Contractor requirements: We are looking for a contractor who:

Is available for 8 hours per day, schedules available from 9am to 6pm Germany time, Monday to Friday and Saturdays by Rotation.

Has worked doing Customer Service or Outbound sales before.

Has to be Fluent in German.

Internet connection of 2Mb or more. It can not be wireless nor through a datacard. You should also test that you do not have a latency of over 100ms. You can test these requirements running a simple test at speedtest.net

Headset: This headset can be simple but it must connect to your computer via USB. This is to ensure proper phone behavior and call quality.

How to apply, please respond with a cover letter that includes the following: The language level that you have (should be 90% or above)

  • - Your Inbound Customer Service or Outbound Sales Experience
  • - Skype ID
  • - Set appointment for an interview here: http://gruponoa.levanacommunications.com

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