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Резюме Mechanical engineer
Dyaditsyn Vyacheslav

Mechanical engineer

 19 июня   Город: Львов
Возраст: 36 лет
Режим работы: полный рабочий день, посменная работа, удаленная работа
IT, WEB специалисты, Производство, Работа за рубежом
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Опыт работы

Equipment and Process Engineer
Intel Corporation Israel (Manufacturing ),
05.2016 − По настоящее время (3 года 2 месяца)

Supporting and sustaining the day-to-day operation of specific processes and equipment

Support production line 24/7

Providing troubleshooting and general support to other areas as needed (Whole segment data analysis and root cause finding for integrative issues, support and training with Fab and VF systems for fresh engineers)

Resolving issues relating to quality and output

Improving process parameters to match best in class

Improving effectiveness and efficiency of operating procedures

Data extraction and analysis to root cause issues and provide solutions

Resolving real-life problems that arise on a daily basis in relation to safety, quality, cycle time and tool availability using data-driven decision making

Managing and configuring Excursion Prevention System

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Sales and warehouse manager
ACE Israel (Lighting),
02.2009 − 08.2012 (3 года 6 месяцев)

Customer service

Managing orders and working with suppliers


Azrieli College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
полное высшее, 10.2012 − 08.2016 (3 года 10 месяцев)

Дополнительное образование

 Solidworks Advanced Topics
 Basic System Operation and Preventive Maintenance of Hitachi Plasma Etching System
 Basic System Operation and Preventive Maintenance of Hitachi Plasma Etching System

Знание языков:

Английский - Выше среднего, Украинский - Профессиональный (эксперт), Русский - Профессиональный (эксперт), Иврит - Профессиональный (эксперт)

Дополнительная информация

Знание компьютера, программ:  SolidWorks, JMP, SQL Pathfinder.
Личные качества, хобби, увлечения, навыки:  I am the leader of equipment and process team in Intel Corporation with strong knowledge in Plasma Etching and Vacuum System and manufacturing process. My responsibility includes but are not limited to sustaining, troubleshooting, and process improvement operations of a Dry Etch toolset while working under pressure, multitasking and prioritizing tasks and challenges. Also, I have a business travel experience to USA and Ireland for technology transfer and professional development. I’m strongly customer oriented and continuously seek to acquire new professional skills through a combination of on-the-job training, instruction-led training and web-based training.
Цель поиска работы, пожелания к месту работы:  Willing to relocate to Ukraine

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