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Резюме Рекрутер, HR
Муратова Оксана

Рекрутер, HR

25 000 грн.
 21 марта  Город: Киев
Возраст:49 лет
Режим работы:полный рабочий день, свободный график работы, удаленная работа
Рубрики: HR, управление персоналом; IT, WEB специалисты; Банковское дело, ломбарды
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I want to work HR/HR Generalist. Graduated from Hillel School (direction recruiting / HR).

I received modern knowledge, skills and now I am full of energy and desire to apply all the skills in my work. Despite the fact that I have extensive experience in working with people, managing a team and making managerial decisions, communicating with management and clients, analyzing, building business processes, preparing documents, reports, organizing committees and much more, I am ready to start my own work from a junior to go all the way to career growth and become the head of the HR department. I want to work in a team, help employees develop, feel involved in the work, feel the team spirit. I want my work to bring effective results to the company.


  • handing the full recruitment process,
  • searching and headhunting candidates (LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Jinni, Duo, work. ua,, Boolean search and X-Ray),
  • resume screening, conducting interviews,
  • preparing interview results, giving feedback for candidate and the company after the interview,
  • preparing job offers and sharing them with candidates application writing,
  • supporting candidates through all stages of the hiring process, including actual adequate feedback,
  • сandidate's database maintenance,
  • communicate with candidates, foster long relationships with them,
  • preparing recruitment reports,
  • preparing the candidate's CV, who in the recruitment process,
  • preparing reporting for top management (effectiveness of the team, search channels…),
  • management skills, communication skills, marketing, and sales skills,
  • supporting positive companies image on the job market social media,
  • multitasking and time management,
  • HR: onboarding and adaptation process, exit process, full cycle of HR processes from search to dismissal (Personnel assessment, writing and conducting surveys, personnel assessment, competency matrix, One-on-one, techniques, employee retention, HR - brand).


Additional education

JSC "Bank SICH" (2021 - 2022), Kyiv City, Ukraine

Deputy Head of Department in the Corporate Business Structure of the Bank

Job responsibilities:

  • Development of qualitative and quantitative indicators of the client base.
  • Development and implementation of a system for determining the priority of customer service in order to effectively engage in service.
  • Analysis of customer segments in order to understand their needs, form a system of cooperation with customers of each segment and determine the appropriate direction of their service.
  • Participation in the development of service standards for relevant customer segments.
  • Formation and modification of customer-oriented offers, development of loyalty programs for existing and potential customers.
  • Conducting marketing research of the market, formation of business ideas and directions for their implementation.
  • Providing consulting support to employees on effective sales of products/services to customers.
  • Ensuring communication with departments on requests for individual tariffs and rates. Analysis and submission of accepted requests to collegial bodies.

Private business (2017 – now), Kyiv City, Ukraine

Sexologist, psychologist - consultant, instructor of Imfitness. The holding of trainings.

  • Training sessions for groups of clients, consultations.
  • Preparation and implementation of events.
  • Organization of the sales department.
  • Team management.

JSC Ukreximbank (2007 – 2018), Kyiv City, Ukraine Head of Department

Job responsibilities:

  • Management of the unit;
  • Analysis of competitors' tariffs;
  • Efficiency of customer service;
  • Effectiveness of current bank tariffs;
  • Preparation of applications for consideration by the tariff committee;
  • Development of electronic business processes, electronic tariff directory, manager notification system;
  • Control over the implementation of management decisions;
  • Development of tariff policy;
  • Development of documents regulating the work of the tariff committee, tariff-setting processes.

JSCB Forum (1999 – 2007) Kyiv City, Ukraine Head of the department (in the structure of the marketing department)

Hillel IT school (Oct 2022– Jan 2023)

Recruiting /HR


Interregional Academy of Personnel (1995-1996 (graduated as an external student))

Faculty: Economics and business management.

Chernihiv State Pedagogical Institute(1991-1995)

Faculty: Methodology, psychology and pedagogy of primary education.

National training center of bank employees of Ukraine (2006)

"Organization of the process of attracting, servicing, retaining customers and selling banking products"; seminar "Practice of managing banking products".


English: Pre-intermediate (Studying now)

Russian, Ukrainian: native

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