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Advanced Systems

На сайте с 3 января 2007
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Описание компании

Several Senior Java, Java, Web – Developers positions available
Our Client is one of very aggressive and ambitious company in Europe in Web, Telecom, and Gaming industry. We have several positions available for new and existing Projects. Name Address Phone number E-Mail Address Technical Skills Experience (detailed role in three last projects involved) Education Certifications Training and Courses Knowledge of English: Reading Writing Conversation Reason to leave current place of work Advantages Disadvantages Business travel Time to start (days) Expected salary Three references from previous jobs (manager, peer, employee) Please note: Candidates without completed application will not be considered and resume will not be kept on our database

Контактная информация

Контактное лицо:Serge

Вакансии в Advanced Systems

У данной компании на данный момент нет активных вакансий.

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