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Anzer IT Solutions

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Описание компании

Anzer IT Solutions has over 20 years of advanced programming services and software development experience, and provides a wide range of services and software to the Healthcare, Government, telecommunications industry and select business customers throughout Canada. Anzer is responsible for implementing some of the most advanced solutions in the industry today. Our wide array of industry certifications provides a solid resource base to tackle today's IT challenges. Some of our core offerings include: • Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation • Network Auditing Services • Server Design, Implementation and Migration Services • PC Implementation and Migration Services • Server and PC Maintenance Agreements • Proxy and Firewall Solutions • Remote Access Solutions • Web / ASP Hosting • Thin Client Solutions • Project Management We are proficient in Visual Basic, .NET, Java, J2EE, XML, C++, and legacy languages. We offer applications utilizing Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL and other compatible databases. Since the nature of technology is dynamic and constant, rapid change is inevitable. Anzer is committed to providing cost-effective network integration solutions that combine the optimal performance of a client's current technology infrastructure and allow for the integration of new applications and technologies as they are introduced in the marketplace. Anzer's major strengths are professional and talented developers with strong technical background specialized in designing, developing and implementing information systems that meet market needs today. Based in Ukraine, our software development group performs complete software development lifecycle services, including project management, development, design, testing, delivery and support. Anzer’s healthcare and portal software is used by some of the largest corporations in Canada for their internal secure processes and external public portals.

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Вакансии в Anzer IT Solutions

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