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Cargo Partner

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Описание компании

С argo-partner specializes in the global shipping of air cargo and sea cargo. Geographically we are based in Central and Eastern Europe , but we operate world wide. Initially a regional provider, a combination of time defined air and sea cargo products, continuous tracking and tracing via the internet, as well as straightforward transparent calculations, have enabled us to develop into an international transportation source, acting on a world wide basis. E-business is the living reality which we strive to improve and refine every day. At cargo-partner we are very proud of the professional and successful attitude of our employees who live up to our company\'s slogan \'we take it personally\'. This attitude is also appreciated by our business partners who acknowledge the friendly, professional, and efficient cooperation with us. We define service by our very important claim \"the passion for excellence\". To achieve this high goal is what we strive for every day. It is our intention to be the most friendly, innovational and proactive provider. Contact us and let us know about the nature of your requirements and what we can do for you.

Контактная информация


8 097 658 18 82

Контактное лицо:Igor

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