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CayugaSoft Technologies

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Описание компании

CayugaSoft Technologies LLC is a US-based software development company with offshore software development resources in Ukraine. CayugaSoft’s founders have years of experience managing development in both the USA and Ukraine. As opposed to some offshore development companies, who work primarily on a project-by-project basis, we create Offshore Development Teams (ODTs) for our clients that act as extensions of our clients’ onshore software development operations. This enables our ODTs to focus on learning our clients’ systems, their businesses, and their development processes in order to become high-performing, cost-effective contributors for our clients over the long run.

- See more at: http://cayugasoft.com/#sthash.DyPAD4tg.dpuf

Контактная информация


+38 (066) 513-05-56

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Вакансии в CayugaSoft Technologies

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